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National Weather Service Warns of High Temperatures and Their Dangers

The US National Weather Service in Seattle has issued a fire weather warning for Wednesday morning through Wednesday evening.  In addition to this warning, the NWS is predicting some of the highest temperatures we’ve seen all season.

Remember to use good heat safety practices for both you, and your pets.

Fire Weather Warning

The NWS Seattle Facebook page explained that this fire weather warning is for “the western slopes of the Cascades Wednesday morning through Wednesday evening. The combination of warm temperatures (80s in the mountains; 90s in the valleys), low humidity, and unstable air has the potential for rapid-fire growth. Outdoor burning is not recommended.”

Here is the technical breakdown of Wednesday’s watch from the NWS and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

fire weather warning, fire warning, national weather service
Graphic Courtesy NWS

From the NWS website – Understanding Wildfire Warnings, Watches and Behavior

  • Red Flag Warning: Take Action. Be extremely careful with open flames. NWS issues a Red Flag Warning, in conjunction with land management agencies, to alert land managers to an ongoing or imminent critical fire weather pattern. NWS issues a Red Flag Warning when fire conditions are ongoing or expected to occur shortly.
  • Fire Weather Watch: Be Prepared. A Watch alerts land managers and the public that upcoming weather conditions could result in extensive wildland fire occurrence or extreme fire behavior. A watch means critical fire weather conditions are possible but not imminent or occurring.
  • Extreme Fire Behavior: This alert implies a wildfire likely to rage of out of control. If is often hard to predict these fires because such they behave erratically, sometimes dangerously.One or more of the following criteria must be met:
    • Moving fast: High rate of spread
    • Prolific crowning and/or spotting
    • Presence of fire whirls
    • Strong convection column

It’s Getting Hot in Here
According to the NWS, “it will be warm for the next couple of days. Tuesday’s highs will be in the 70s near the water, with 80s inland. Wednesday will also see 70s near the water, but with 80s inland and lower 90s in the South Interior.”

nws, national weather service, seattle temps
Graphic Courtesy NWS

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