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Dear Auburn, Do Not Start Doing This Challenge


A viral tweet of a Texas woman licking – yes, licking, a tub of ice cream in a store and putting it back into the freezer has caused a new “ice cream challenge” to begin.

Since the June 29th video, which has now been viewed over 10 million times, went out on twitter videos of copycats now making the rounds on social media. Much like the “tide pod” challenge, there is no purpose to the new “ice cream” challenge beyond potential internet fame.

But fame isn’t all that challenge takers may get.  Lenise Martin III, 36 was arrested by the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office after posting the above video.  Despite Martin providing a receipt proving he purchased the ice cream, Deputies moved forward with charges.  Martin’s charges included tampering with property and unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity.


Some posted videos show individuals tampering with products other than ice cream. One video shows an individual opening a bottle of mouthwash, gargling and spitting the fluid back into the bottle before returning it to the shelf.  Another video showed a girl licking a tongue depressor in a healthcare facility before putting it back.

The Healthcare Risk

Healthcare officials warn of health risks related to food contamination such as this, especially for those with weakened immune systems. “Saliva can carry multiple bacteria and viruses and result in the spread of infections such as colds, influenza, measles, and mononucleosis, among others,” states a recent Pharmacy Times article.  “The low temperature of the ice cream and the sugar content could possibly decrease the risk of infection, according to experts. Nevertheless, these tampering cases are especially of concern with the global measles outbreaks.”

Not all videos posted are real.  This does not mean that customers have not become cautious when considering their purchases or what they consume.  No reports of these disgusting videos have come out of Auburn as of yet.  And let’s keep it that way!



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