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Dear Auburn, Do Not Start Doing This Challenge

A viral tweet of a Texas woman licking – yes, licking, a tub of ice cream in a store and putting it back into the freezer has caused a new “ice cream challenge” to begin. What kinda psychopathic behavior is this?! pic.twitter.com/T8AIdGpmuS — Optimus Primal

Long Term Care Planning Class

Come enjoy a complimentary breakfast & gain a wealth of invaluable information. There is no cost to attend. The biggest threat we have going into retirement is a long-term health event that drains our assets and burdens our loved ones. Join us on June 22nd

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Is Quitting Tobacco Really THAT Hard?

On Wednesday, with a bipartisan vote of 33-12 in the Washington State Senate, the Washington State Legislature passed legislation to raise the sale age for tobacco and vapor products to 21.   Washington is the 9th state to raise the age of sale of tobacco and