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I Love You, Now Go Away


After five indescribable years, I have decided to no longer run the Auburn Examiner. Despite how much I love what I do, this outlet, and our readers, the reality is – continuing is simply untenable.

A faded newsprint clipping of a headline that reads "I love you, now go away"
This has been my favorite headline since I saw it at my Dad’s in 2001. It’s from a WaPo article by Susanne Waxman| Auburn Examiner

It has been my driving goal to provide Auburn with the news source it deserves. I pushed through more than I should’ve, relentlessly trying to meet my impossible standards. I didn’t grasp just how much my physical and mental health were negatively affected until I was in the ER multiple times in a matter of weeks. It was, quite frankly, a terrifying wake-up call I could not ignore. I wanted and tried to, but couldn’t. 


Though the largest, my health is not the only contributing factor in this extremely difficult and bittersweet decision. I survived in May; I refuse to waste my life working myself to death.

A german shepherd service dog reaches his snoot up to boop the helmet of Sparky, the VRFA mascot, a dalmatian in turn out gear.
This will forever be my favorite photo of Six. It has even more meaning now after this year. #IYKYK | Auburn Examiner

The Journey, Not the Destination

I have been blessed to work with some fantastic reporters and staff. These folks helped build the outlet of which I am immensely proud. Thank you so, so much to these wonderful humanpeoples (I expect a shout-out when ya win your Pulitzer).

My life is far richer for the experiences and opportunities running and reporting for the AE has awarded me. There are countless people I’ve met on this journey (and a side quest or two) that are part of the cement that held my job firmly as a passion, not work. My gratitude for them, many I am now lucky to call friends, is unending.

I hope we provided valuable content that helped you stay informed and learn. Though I didn’t accomplish everything I’d wanted, fingers crossed we helped raise awareness and maybe gave you a chuckle or two along the way. If we did, the best way you can repay us is to read and support local independent outlets (that doesn’t mean go pledge NPR folks). 


Independent publishers often turn to each other to fill gaps money and manpower prevent for corporate-owned newsrooms (check who owns your news sources and maybe where they’re based #jussayin). I can personally confirm this to be unwaveringly true, both professionally and personally. Please support these or any local independent outlets. 

Des Moines:
Normandy Park:
White Center:

South Sound News (fire/crime/major traffic incidents):

Find other Local Independent Online News publishers: LION Publishers


Thank You, I Quit

If, what, or when anything will happen with the Auburn Examiner in the future is unknown. The website will remain up, but this chapter of the Auburn Examiner has ended.

It’s been more than an honor to educate, raise awareness, and empower through Auburn’s stories, and a little of my own, over the last five years.Please take care of and be kind to yourself and each other. Thank you. I will miss it, and you.

A black and white photo of the Auburn Transit Center looking straight on.
Auburn Transit Center | Auburn Examiner
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  1. Terry lake Terry lake December 21, 2022

    I wish you all the best! I have enjoyed my time reading your articles

  2. Dirk Dearinger Dirk Dearinger March 4, 2023

    I am sad to find this out long afterwards. I hope you are getting stronger and thinking about new adventures and ideas. You are one in a million zillion.

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