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Give Big to Auburn’s NonProfits This Week

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused financial strain to citizens and businesses throughout the country.  With fundraising events being canceled and donations slowing down, nonprofit organizations and charities have also felt the financial hardships.  The Give Big Washington event Tuesday and Wednesday is an important opportunity for many nonprofits to replenish vital resources.

Give Big in Auburn

There are a total of 13 Auburn-based organizations registered for the Give Big Washington event.  Each nonprofit serves an important role in our community and no one nonprofit is more important than the other.  If you are in a position to contribute to one, or more, of these organizations please consider doing so.

The Auburn Examiner invited any Auburn-based organization participating in Give Big Washington to share information with us for their campaign.  Here is some additional information on several of the above nonprofits.

Auburn Food Bank

The Auburn Food Bank is a resource for families and individuals that live within the Auburn School District boundaries.  Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the food bank has been a lifeline for many of Auburn’s residents who have faced unemployment and reduced hours.  The increased reliance on the Auburn Food Bank has left the three normally full storage lockers, empty.

The COVID-19 pandemic required the Auburn Food Bank to cancel three major spring fundraising events.  Auburn Food Bank Executive Director Debbie Christian shared that the Auburn School District school food drive, the annual Empty Bowls lunch, and the National Postal Carriers food collection brought in enough donations to carry the food bank through September.

Without these collections, and with the increased demand for services, the Auburn Food Bank is relying on donations from the community now more than ever.

Gifts are being matched up to a total of  $10,000.

Auburn Public Schools Foundation

The Auburn Public Schools Foundation works to supplement and support the essential efforts to advance student achievement in the Auburn School District.  With public school buildings being closed for the remainder of the school year, APSF has shifted its funding priorities.

“In this time of crisis and so many unknowns, the Auburn Public Schools Foundation has shifted funding priorities from classroom-based grants to financial support for our students in their new classroom: their homes,” explained an email sent out by the foundation.  “We are providing funding for $50 gift cards for food, clothing, hygiene items, gas, and other necessities to families in need so they can support themselves, their families, and their students.”

APSF is currently raising funds to provide $50 gift cards to Auburn students and families.  This gift card is meant to help alleviate additional challenges during this time of unknowns.  The goal is to provide 1,000 giftcards.

“We have $18,000 left of our $50,000 goal,” shared Natasha Daily with APSF.  “[We] will continue this support for families as long as we have funds available. We had to cancel our regularly scheduled Trivia Night fundraiser, so all funding is coming from a grassroots approach.”

Auburn Symphony Orchestra

The Auburn Symphony Orchestra’s 2019-20 season was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Auburn Symphony is not just the music in the concert hall. It’s the people. It’s our musicians. It’s our community supporters. It’s our audience. We can’t wait until we can all gather again. Giving to Auburn Symphony is not just a monetary donation, it’s a symbol of hope and solidarity,” said ASO Executive Director, Rachel Perry.

The ASO’s annual fundraising gala has been postponed at this time.

The ASO board of directors is matching gifts up to a total of $20,000.

See Ya Later Foundation 

The See Ya Later Foundation’s Washington chapter is celebrating its 10th year in 2020.  This local nonprofit supports families with children, or parents with children 18 years of age and under, that have been diagnosed with an acute life-threatening medical illness. Unfortunately, See Ya Later’s first two fundraising events of the year were canceled, putting a dent in the nonprofit’s 2020 fundraising.

“We are still committed to continue helping as many families in crisis as we possibly can,” said Brian Williams, See Ya Later Boardmember.

Whether you’re able to contribute or not, please consider sharing the Give Big Washington event information.  Our local nonprofits have been working overtime to make up for canceled fundraising events, while also fulfilling their missions.

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