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Friday Funnies – September 3, 2021


There’s no better way to start off a holiday weekend than with a few good laughs (or at least a chuckle or two). For those who don’t have Monday off, we feel you – we don’t either.


a comic of a boardmeeting of cats, one cat tells the other to knock the mug off of the table already
A comic strip of an individual buying a box of books to burn in disapproval of them
Mimi and Eunice
Two teachers discussing their concerns over no longer teaching cursive
A comic strip from Dieselsweeties where two characters discuss getting a new hobby
A comic from Andertoons of the Wizard of Oz characters realizing they're on the road of good intentions not the yellow brick road
A comic of an owner getting a note about a barking dog, and the dog considering it fan mail
Cattle Dog Comics (
Poorly Drawn Lines



Comedian Clip:

(expletive language warning)

Meme of the Week:

Source: Unknown

Video of the Week:

And Now, A Brain Break:

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