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Friday Funnies – April 9, 2021

Good, bad, or somewhere in-between – we all need a laugh on Friday to celebrate the end of the week! Take a break and enjoy this week’s Friday Funnies!


Two Cats on a chair talking, one looking up at the other from the seat to the back of the chair. "Technically I'm on my 10th life, but no one's said anything and I'm sure as heck not bringing it up." Comic by Andertoons.
A child asks a man watching TV how much actors make. He replies "minimum wage plus tips"
A politician assures the crowd he speaks to that though he doesn't know if it will be staunchly for or against, he will vote staunchly.
Source: Poorly Drawn Lines
Goldie Locks is speaking with her lawyer, who lays out her different 'crimes'. He consoles her that his other clients are worse, as they ate a house and burned a witch in her own oven.

Meme of the Week:

Original Source Unknown

Looks like someone was working on an 80’s revival and was told to switch to the 90’s mid-design. The results are not good. Not good at all.

And now, a Palette Cleanser:

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