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Austin Douglas Reflects on her Year as Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen

Austin Douglas grew up watching the Miss Auburn competition.  It was a dream for her to compete.  Last January Douglas stepped onto the Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen competition stage for the first time and won.

For the last year, Austin Douglas has represented the City of Auburn as Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen.  Her year has been packed with bringing awareness to her platform, Strong Against Cancer, singing at events, volunteering for the Auburn Food Bank and judging a dog or two.

Douglas may never have competed before, but she has represented Auburn like a seasoned expert.  After weeks of helping to prepare the 2020 class of candidates, Douglas will crown the new Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen tonight.

Video by Josh Headley, for the Auburn Examiner

Auburn Examiner: It’s been a year since you were crowned Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen, how has it been?

Austin Douglas: This year has been phenomenal! I could have never imagined how much support I would receive or how many incredible people I would be blessed to get to know in the community this year. I am so grateful.

Auburn Examiner: What’s your favorite memory of this year as Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen?

Austin Douglas: It’s very hard to decide, but probably judging so many dog contests.

Auburn  Examiner: Is there anything you wish you’d done while Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen that you didn’t get the chance to?

Austin Douglas: I have been fortunate to do a lot this year, the only thing I would have liked to do is volunteer or perform in Nursing and Assisted Living Homes in Auburn.

Auburn Examiner: Your platform is Strong Against Cancer.   How have you promoted Strong Against Cancer during your time as Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen?

Austin Douglas:  I have donated many things to Seattle Children’s Hospital, attended numerous auctions and walks that benefited Strong Against Cancer, spoken with many groups and at many events about my platform and the importance of fundraising for research, and I was able to attend Strong Against Cancer’s Annual Gala.

Auburn Examiner: How was having Amanda as your Miss Auburn?

Austin Douglas: Amanda is amazing! I love her so much and she has made this year the best it could possibly be. She is truly the greatest big sis anyone could ask for!

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Austin Douglas and Amanda Enz at Auburn’s Fourth of July parade | courtesy photo

Auburn Examiner: Do you have a favorite memory with Amanda?

Austin Douglas: There are so many I cannot think of a specific one! Mostly, I just appreciate getting to do everything together this year, all of the jokes, the love and support, and having her be my partner in crime.

Auburn Examiner: Will you be going for the title of Miss Auburn?

Austin Douglas: I’m not sure yet. I still have a few years left before I’m eligible to compete as a Miss.

Auburn Examiner: After being crowned, you said you were most excited to compete at Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen. What was that experience like for you?

Austin Douglas: It was really fun! The amount of people who came and supported me was remarkable and I am grateful everyone of them. My favorite part was meeting all of the other contestants and gaining 23 new sisters from across the state. It’s crazy the friendships that can develop in one hectic and fun weekend! In the end, I was honored to have placed 4th runner up, won Top Ad Sales, and to have been the first Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen to be a Teens in Action Scholarship Finalist.

Auburn Examiner: What advice would you give for 2020’s Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen going into the 2020 Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen competition?

Austin Douglas: I would tell them to take it moment by moment and not to let the stress of competing get in the way of your reason for being there and all the fun you will have.

Auburn Examiner:  There have been a lot of changes in the Miss America program. How do you feel about Miss American 2.0?

Austin Douglas: Like a lot of people, there are things I like about it and there are things I don’t. I’m thankful that the swimsuit portion of the competition is gone and yet sad that there is no longer evening gown. Mostly, I am proud to see Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020, breaking down barriers with an untraditional talent.

Auburn Examiner: How do you feel being Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen has shaped you and your future?

Austin Douglas: It has allowed me to really be a part of this community and develop a deeper admiration for this city and all of the people in it. In addition, I have become much more confident in myself and my abilities, especially when it comes to interviewing or public speaking. And those are things I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Auburn Examiner: If a girl was considering joining the program but was uncertain, what would you tell her?

Austin Douglas: I would tell her to do it. The chances are, you are not going to walk away with a crown and that’s why there is so much more to this organization than what meets the eye. The Miss Auburn Organization is here to develop strong and influential young women through interviews, round table discussions, and mostly through community service and volunteering. Plus, you get to earn scholarship money, make a whole bunch of new friends, and have a lot of fun!

Auburn Examiner: What advice do you have for the incoming Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen?

Austin Douglas: Stay true to you, live in the moment, remember your reason for wanting to be Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen, and remember to be grateful.

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Austin Douglas, Alex Douglas and Amanda Enz volunteering for the Auburn Food Bank | courtesy photo

Auburn Examiner: If your crown granted you one wish for Auburn, what would it be?

Austin Douglas: Honestly, I wish it would be a solution for homelessness in our city.

Auburn Examiner: Where can we find you after Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen?

Austin Douglas: I will continue volunteering in Auburn, working with Seattle Children’s Hospital, playing basketball and finishing my sophomore year of high school. Also, stay tuned, because my pageant journey does not end here.


The Miss Auburn and Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen competition is tonight, January 25th at 6:00pm.  The competition is at the Performing Arts Center (at Auburn High School). Tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased online or at the door.

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