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Auburn Valley Humane Society and NW Spay & Neuter Center Merge


avhs, auburn valley humane society, avhs auburn wa, auburn wa humane societySecretary of State, Kim Wyman has issued a Certificate of Merger, effective January 29th, 2021 for Auburn Valley Humane Society and Northwest Spay and Neuter Center. The two organizations have a natural synergy, and the forecast for this collaborative merger is a big win for the Washington State animal welfare community.

Over the past several months, the Board of Directors of Northwest Spay and Neuter Center worked tirelessly to ensure the focused approach to their lifesaving work would not get lost in the expansive services of a shelter environment. Auburn Valley Humane Society demonstrates commitment to their goal of continuing to foster a network of regional communication and collaboration among neighboring shelters, rescue groups, and foster homes by announcing the recent merger with Washington State’s largest high volume spay and neuter clinic, Northwest Spay and Neuter Center. President and CEO of the recently merged organizations, Phil Morgan, Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Emily Purvis, DVM, MBA, and AVHS Board Chair, Rick Oliveira, CPA bring the strategic minds and vision and commitment to a region that is passionate about serving animals and will remain supported and challenged by a similarly merged board of directors from the two previously independent organizations, committed to seamlessly serving the area’s pets in new and innovative ways.


The merged organization can expect growth in terms of animal lives affected and increases in the ability to stabilize funding streams through total animal impact. Total organizational services will be diversified, increasing the breadth of granting and funding eligibility. This opportunity increases the organization’s long-term financial viability, solvency, and stability, and will help more animals live longer, healthier lives in homes with families that love them. The level of respectful collaboration that rose to the surface throughout every step of this merger process speaks to the level of professionalism that will continue on in an effort to serve a larger population of pets in need.northwest spay and neuter center logo

Auburn Valley Humane Society’s vision statement is to be a model of excellence in the advancement of animal welfare, and this is demonstrated daily by offering high quality, affordable surgical services, and compassionate service for the community seeking to add a pet to their family. The specialties of each previously independent organization will remain, allowing the communities served to benefit from a unified animal welfare organization by promoting regional animal welfare through animal sheltering, programs, and expanded community engagement.

With so much fragmentation between animal welfare groups, the climate can often create confusion to the public, especially when it comes to programs and fundraising. This merger has the opportunity, vision and leadership to put a stake in the ground that collaboration is the best way to achieve the overall mission and commitment to help animals in need.  Under the terms of the merger, operations such as human resources and finance will be combined, though direct service operations such as spay and neuter services and adoptions will not be visibly affected. Together, the blended organizations will continue to change lives…four paws at a time!

The above is a press release from AVHS.  The Auburn Examiner has not independently verified its contents and encourages our readers to personally verify any information they find may be overly biased or questionable. The publication of this press release does not indicate an endorsement of its content. 

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