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Auburn Crime Catch-Up December 2019-January 2020

We know how frustrating it can be to hear about an incident, but not have any follow up.  With that in mind, we followed up on recent incidents in an effort to help keep the community informed and aware with our Auburn Crime Catch-up.

We investigated many of these incidents due to reader tips.  If there is an incident that you would like more information on, please email [email protected] and we will do our best to get more information and provide updates (sometimes we post documents).

Lakeland Hills Haggen: Auburn Police Commander Mike  Hirman confirmed that Auburn police have been out to the Lakeland commons Haggen food store on five occasions, including Christmas. In each instance, employees either saw or reported hearing a suspect in the rafters above the ceiling.  According to police the individual has stolen thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, including cigarettes and higher-end liquor. 

“We don’t know how he’s getting in and out, but suspect he’s walking in and then secreting himself in a closet and then up to the rafters. Somehow he brought tools, gloves, rope, digital scope camera, etc,” said Hirman. “We have leads that we’re working on.”

January 19th: A car was partly submerged in the Green River. “The car was stolen,” said Hirman.  “A large rock was placed on the driver’s floor. No one was in the car.  We have no witnesses.  The only peculiar piece to this stolen as compared to all others is the fact that the suspects apparently felt it wasn’t enough to victimize the owners enough by stealing their car, they had to exacerbate the matter by dumping it in the river.”

January 13th:  Auburn police were dispatched to a shooting at the Mallard Pointe apartment complex in North Auburn at approximately 2:42am.  Yonathan Melake, a 29-year-old male, was found shot in his Tesla in the complex parking lot.  A citizen on the scene provided aide to Melake until medics arrived.  Melake was pronounced dead on the scene.

Hirman confirmed that detectives are aware of the Tesla recordings.  There is nothing more to release at this time.

January 4th-5th: Police still need public assistance in identifying the suspect in multiple armed robberies from this weekend.  The investigation remains open and active.


December 27th: 16th St NW and M St near Dick Scobee Elementary: Police executed a drug warrant on a suspect.  The suspect had an additional ATF warrant.  The suspect was arrested.

Way Back Machine:

October 24th:  Shooting incident by Green River (#19-12520 ) – the case remains open and active.

October 20th: Attempted robbery (#19-12345) – detectives are still looking for the suspect. The case remains active and open.

September 24th: Valley SWAT worked with officers to execute a drug warrant at Sierra Meadows apartments.  One was arrested.

August 9th: Shooting at Meadows on Lea Hill (#19-09462)- detectives are still looking for the second individual involved in the shooting.  The case remains open.

July 27, 2019: Two groups of unknown individuals fired upon one another at the 76 gas station on E Main St, across from Auburn High School.  The incident occurred between 11:00am and 2:00pm.  No one was hit and no property was damaged.  There currently are no witnesses, suspects or arrests.

Want more frequent updates Auburn police activity?  We recently added a police blotter!  We don’t post it on our social media sites, so be sure to subscribe to our e-blast so you never miss it.

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