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Auburn City Council Candidates Interviewed by Revive Church

Ryan Burnett and Robyn Mulenga, candidates for Auburn City Council No. 5, attended a candidate forum at REVIVE Church Sunday, September 29th.  “REVIVE was honored to host Ryan Burnett and Robyn Mulenga candidates for Auburn City Council Position No. 5, for a non-partisan discussion about faith, politics, and hot issues in Auburn,” said John Headly, Pastor for REVIVE Church.

“REVIVE believes that when you care about something you influence it,” continued Headly.  “REVIVE loves Auburn and its leadership. Although it would be easier and safer for our church to stay out of politics, REVIVE believes it’s their job to do as much as they can to help those God has placed in leadership. It is not the church’s job to oppose elected government but to help influence in a positive way.”

(Interview  begins at 13 minute mark)

“REVIVE does not support or campaign for anyone individually and the opinions expressed by the candidates are not endorsed by the organization,” SAID Headly. “REVIVE wanted to create a time for people who care about our community to chat about what is most important. REVIVE plans on hosting more of these kinds of events in the future as well as continuing our involvement of hosting the Faith Leaders Roundtable with Mayor Backus, our participation on the Drug Prevention Coalition, the events planning committee for Auburn Area Connect, and other Auburn community and government centered endeavors.”

At this time no other candidate forums are scheduled for this election cycle.  REVIVE Church will announce event details should other candidates be amenable to a candidate forum.

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