Ryan Burnett

Name: Ryan Burnett
Running For: City of Auburn City Council Position No. 5
Current Position: Mayor’s New Jobs Task Force
City: Auburn, Wa
Social Media: Facebook 
PDC Page: Ryan Burnett, 2019

Statement from Ryan’s Campaign Facebook Page:

“As an Auburn city resident, I see many priorities facing us including displaced families, a safer community, the opioid crisis, having a financially stable city, more jobs and business opportunities, roadwork and more. As a council member, I vow to work towards the success of these.

As a Chef, mentor and restaurant manager for 19 years, I have developed the strengths of leadership and problem-solving. I am known for my passion and taking action in finding ways to improve systems, processes, and procedures. In my current position, I successfully manage a budget greater than that of the City of Auburn, so I understand money management. I volunteer at my daughter’s school in Auburn and am an inaugural member of the Mayor’s new Jobs Task Force.

I have the good of the city and our people as my focus. When elected, I will passionately commit to bettering our community.”