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APD Investigating Body Found at Old Valley Drive-In


On Sunday, March 24th, APD received a report of a body lying in the field off of 277th St.  The field is best known as the location of the old Valley Drive-In.  The call was received about 9:00am. Investigators found a deceased male with a gunshot wound.  Investigators on the scene were able to identify the individual as a 31-year-old male, with a Kent address.

“We do not believe he was transient, but do not know much about him.  Everything right now is a guess, but more than likely it happened Saturday night/Sunday morning due to the body composition and the fact that he probably would have been seen Saturday if he was there earlier,” said Commander Steve Stocker of the Auburn Police Department. apd, auburn police department, auburn wa, city of auburn police


At this time APD is not releasing the name of the victim.  When asked if the victim’s family had been identified, Stocker shared that “the only family we have heard about is in Mexico.”

Stocker addressed the inevitable safety concerns of citizens, “there is always [a] concern when someone is shot and we do not know who did it or why but there is no evidence that it was just a random person out killing people but we do not know that for sure. That is very rare also.”

As this is an active investigation, information of evidentiary nature is not yet available.  “We have not had any tips called in and no leads at this time,” shared Stocker.


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  1. Jeffery Jeffery November 12, 2021

    I might have very important info to this case as my friend call him “D” for now he has been missing since then and he was with some very nasty people still doing nasty things in auburn. he was very worried about something bad could happen to him. when we last spoke he was headed out there to the drive with these bad guys. We never saw him after that but tracked some things down that police should hear. Thank youI have very important info not shared here. Please contact me.

  2. Jeffery Jeffery November 12, 2021

    Nevermind I read the comment and post up above but I can’t remove but still I do have print him information for somebody is messing around that same time come to find out I do believe I heard to the grapevine that their remains by possibly were found

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