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Why the Lytton Fire in Canada Matters to Auburn

Five hours from Auburn is a British Columbia village named Lytton. Five hours from Auburn is what remains of a British Columbia village named Lytton. After a week of recording-breaking heat, wildfires engulfed the Canadian town.

An AccuWeather article published Friday states “a fire broke out late Wednesday afternoon, local time, in Lytton, and according to eyewitnesses, the village was engulfed in flames within a matter of minutes.”

While the City of Auburn has just a few more residents than Lytton’s population of 250, the risk of destruction remains the exact same.

VRFA has responded to 29 brush fires Since January 1

“This hot, dry weather has created a situation where vegetation can easily ignite. Small brush and grass fires could grow rapidly,” said Kelly Hawks, Valley Regional Fire Authority Public Information & Education Officer. ”

The fires in Lakeland Hills on Monday were a too close-to-home reminder that not only is Auburn not infallible, but consequences also are not insular. This is, of course, with the Sumner-Grade Fire still fresh in our memories.

There are the typical reasons posted on every Facebook and Nextdoor community group you belong (PTSD, Pets, Babies, people who work, etc) to not set off fireworks. And there’s the whole legality thing (not a lawyer, do not consider this legal advice). But really what you should truly think of this year is: don’t burn the place down and ‘the place’ is ‘the city.’

*affixes fun police hat*

This July 4th, please don’t take the unnecessary risk of setting off your own fireworks (legal, legal on tribal land, or illegal). Even if you do everything right, a stray spark could ignite the dry grass or vegetation.

“We encourage people to reconsider using fireworks this year. Please attend a public show or celebrate without fireworks” Hawks said.

Here are some suggestions from VRFA on how to celebrate without fireworks:

  • Use glow sticks. They are a safe alternative to sparklers and fun for all ages.
  • Celebrate loud and proud with noisemakers. They can be found at local party stores.
  • Host an outdoor movie night.
  • Red, white, and blue silly string. Fun for all ages.
  • Make a patriotic craft with the family.
  • Throw a birthday party for the USA. Don’t forget the cake (or cupcakes).

If fireworks are a must for you, here are VRFA’s tips:

The best way to prevent injuries and fire while still enjoying fireworks on the 4th of July is to attend a public display. If you choose to use fireworks, know the regulations where you live and use extreme caution. The recent hot temperatures and lack of rain have left vegetation very dry.
fireworks safety graphic by VRFA. Information included in article
source: VRFA
  • In Auburn and Pacific, you can only discharge legal fireworks on the 4th of July between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m.
  • Discharge of all fireworks is illegal in the City of Algona.
  • Don’t let an injury or fire ruin your holiday fun. Take a moment to read through and follow these safety tips:
  • Buy and use only legal fireworks.
  • Follow directions and safety recommendations printed on the fireworks.
  • Maintain Adult Supervision and keep fireworks out of the hands of children.
  • Use fireworks in an area clear of materials that can burn.
  • Keep garden hoses ready.
  • Wet down fireworks display area.
  • Only light one item at a time and do not attempt to relight duds.
  • Dispose of used fireworks by first soaking them in water.
  • Place minor burns in cool water. Call 9-1-1 if you need further assistance.
Fireworks aren’t the only thing that can cause brush fires.Watch out for these risks too:

Source: VRFA
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