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Vote for Your Favorite Sculpture in Auburn’s Downtown Sculpture Gallery

Auburn’s Downtown Sculpture Gallery program, now in its sixth year, exhibits sculptures on loan from talented regional artists and displays them for all to experience. The sculptures become an integral part of the downtown streetscape with yearly changes bringing people back to see the new art and walk through downtown businesses. The sculpture changes out every September.

The artworks that are part of the current Downtown Sculpture Gallery showcase a variety of styles and techniques.

An additional element of the Downtown Sculpture Gallery program is the People’s Choice award. Residents and visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite sculpture and the artist with the most votes receives a $500 cash award. Votes are also taken into consideration for the annual Purchase Award by the Arts Commission.

For additional information and to cast your vote, visit www.auburnwa.gov/sculpture

2019 sg 1

1) LUCKY LADY | Jim Johnson
Welded steel and copper
I love making dragons. My studying in Japan and my kids reading “Hobbit” certainly helped. It is nice to make a piece of sculpture and be able to say what you see is what was in my studio.

2019 sg2

2) GREETING | Kevin Pettelle
Bronze on steel base
Our hands and brain are singularly linked in what makes us human. ‘Greeting’ expresses a universal gesture of welcome that transcends time and culture.

2019 sg3

Stainless steel, aluminum and explosively bonded weldments
Time Management is a sculpture that uses implied motion to represent the concept of time and our inability to control it.

2019 sg4

4) WOMAN IN THE MIRROR | Sandra Hays
Woman in the mirror was a piece created to remind women of all stages of life, nationalities, shapes, sizes, social status to stop and remember that they are beautiful just the way they are.

2019 sg5

5) HEIRLOOM HARE | Jacob Novinger
Direct metal sculpture
’Heirloom Hare’ was created from objects that were once someone’s treasures that became forgotten and discarded, then rediscovered and upcycled into a new heirloom of its own.

2019 sg6

6) FOSSIL III | Lin McJunkin and Milo White
Powder-coated steel and cast glass
Over a million honeybee hives are lost worldwide each year due to Colony Collapse Disorder; the artists celebrate bees’ work as pollinators before they are known only as “fossils.”

2019 sg7

7) CAR PART SEAHORSE | Greg Bartol & Studio B
Metal, recycled and repurposed steel
This “Car Part Seahorse” was created to tell of the magic and mysteries of the Seahorse, including how it is the male that delivers the babies.

2019 sg8

8) OLÉ! | Anita Schuller and John Casey
Steel and glass
“OLÉ“ is a testament of how two creative people come together in friendship, a passion for art and the never-ending journey of taking their craft to the next level.

2019 sg9

9) EGG TIMER III | Rodger Squirrell
Galvanized steel
Eggtimer III plays on the theme of new perspectives – the viewer is asked to visually flip the sculpture end for end but does this result in more time or the need to hurry up?

2019 sg10

10) CIRCLES | Patricia Vader
Steel and aluminum, kinetic
“Circles” is a vibrant kinetic sculpture showcasing a sun-like innovative wheel ring animated by spinning windmills and reflectors sitting atop a six-foot tall fiery orange cylinder.

2019 sg11

Joel Heidel & Angelina Marino-Heidel
Powdercoated steel
Salmon swim through reeds upstream to spawn. Fabricated in our Industrial-deco style, the sculpture considers environmental awareness and the effects of industry on nature.

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