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Stay Safe this Pride Weekend

king county prosecutor's office, KCPAO, king county prosecutorGay Pride Week: How to stay safe this weekend – We’re in the midst of celebrating Gay Pride Week (GPW) Seattle Pride South King County PRIDE Alliance and Mike Hogan, one of our senior deputy prosecuting attorneys, thought it would be valuable to share some safety tips with people. Mike has been working in our office for decades and is our seasoned expert on malicious harassment cases and hate crimes.

“I stumbled upon the first GPW, back in 1974, and I’ve seen the event evolve from a small parade in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, Seattle neighborhood to a large-scale event celebrated throughout the city,” said Mike.

While the vast majority of people in our community are completely supportive of Gay Pride Week, as with any city-wide event, there can be a lot of drinking and substance abuse as people partake in the festivities that can run into the evening.

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Photo by Tristan Billet

In order to have a safe time celebrating, especially before you head into the festive weekend, here are a few of Mike’s tips:

1. Stay together: “My recommendation is that friends stay in groups or pairs to provide support for each other, if needed.”

2. Stay in touch: “If you’re going to separate from your friends, stay in contact with your cell phones so everyone has a sense of where people are in the group and that they’re safe.”

3. Watch the intake: Mike says it is important to monitor the amount of alcohol you consume, as well as the people around you, so you’re aware of your safety and surroundings.

4. Get help: If you encounter problems, Mike says to call 911 immediately and let the police handle the situation. “Don’t engage in self-help and don’t respond to any taunts or abuse. Call the police and give as much descriptive information as you can and turn the matter over to the professionals. It is their job to support you so you don’t get hurt.”

“Usually the people who commit these crimes are a small minority of the public but what’s challenging is that, when they are at these events, they are often intoxicated or are mentally ill,” said Mike.

We hope these tips keep you safe as you celebrate the rest of Gay Pride Week and enjoy the festivities.

The above is aggregated content, originally posted by the King County Prosecutor’s Office.  The Auburn Examiner has not independently verified its contents.

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