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Roads Begin to Close as Green and White Rivers Rise

The Green River currently has a level three flood warning in the Auburn area.  The White River has a level two flood warning.

Road Closures

River waters continue to rise through the Auburn area.  Standing water has been observed throughout Auburn and Pacific.  If you come across water over the roadway do not continue.  The safest thing to do is turn around and go back the way you came.  Flood waters can be fast moving, deeper than expected and can cause unexpected damage to roadways.  #dontdrownturnaround.

City of Pacific, west valley highway, landslide
Landslide of West Valley Hwy | courtesy photo, City of Pacific

City of Pacific Police have just announced that West Valley Highway between Ellingson Rd. and 3rd Ave SW will be closed until further notice due to a landslide.

3rd Ave SE in front of City Park (between Spencer Court and Alder Ln S) is now closed due to water on the roadway.

UPDATE 3:45pm: Butte Drive in Pacific is now closed due to water on the roadway. The river is forecast to rise even more. Please don’t drive through the water as it will likely be getting deeper.

Water over roadway alert:
Green River Road between Kent and Auburn has water over the roadway in spots. Please use caution.

Isaac Evans Park, across from the Auburn Golf along Green River Rd Se, is considerably flooded with water surpassing the playground.  The park has been closed by the City of Auburn Parks Department for safety reasons.

Sandbag Distribution Locations 

Sandbags are available in locations throughout King County.  The two closest locations in the Auburn Area are:

Pacific City of Pacific
130 3rd Ave SE
(across from Police Station)
Open 24/7 Empty sandbags and sand. Self service, limited to 25 sandbags per vehicle. Bring your own shovel
Black Diamond King County Roads Facility
20827 SE Auburn Black Diamond Rd
Black Diamond
Open 24/7 Empty sandbags and sand. Self service, limited to 25 sandbags per vehicle. Bring your own shovel

Here is information on how to best utilize sandbags in the event of flooding.

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