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Registering Students to Vote

Auburn Mountainview High School is registering students to vote. The school has registered over 3,000 students to vote since the first class graduated in 2007.

Principal Terri Herren explained this program started with a civics teacher at Auburn High School when Herren was a teacher there before transferring to AMHS in 2005. The idea was then brought to AMHS when it opened in 2005. Seniors were registered to vote in 2007 when the first class of seniors graduated.

One way the school registers students is to have them go to the DECA store on their birthday. The students receive a cookie and an application to register to vote. If they don’t get a chance to do this, then the Honors Society helps them register to vote. If the student is not yet 18 years old, they are pre-registered and automatically registered to vote once they turn 18.

“Encouraging civic participation is one of the roles of school districts,” said Superintendent Dr. Alan Spicciati. “All Auburn School District high schools encourage voter registration [regularly]. Each school does so in their own way. Voting is a responsibility of all citizens, so I am proud schools play a role in this foundational part of our democracy.”

Herren believes that it is our civic duty to vote. To her, it is one of the most important things we can do for our community. Herren encourages all those who can vote to “share your voice with your vote!”

Register to Vote, Then Actually Vote!

Voting is vital to the community. Registering to vote is one of the best ways to help your community. You have the power to be the voice of change with your vote. Approximately 51 million eligible Americans are not registered to vote, that is 1 in every 4 Americans.

In August’s primary election, only 23.61% of Auburn’s registered King County voters participated in the election. Only 19.13% of Auburn’s registered Pierce County voters participated. There were 463,144 people, only 35%, who voted in the 2019 Primary Election in King County. This is down from the 557,604 that voted in the 2018 Primary Election. Pierce County saw 106,467 ballots cast from the 517,411 registered voters in the county. That’s an overall turnout of 20.58%. Imagine the change that could happen if all 1,320,580 registered voters in King County and 517,411 in Pierce County all voted.

It is not too late to register to vote. The last day to register to vote online or by mail is October 28th. This is also the deadline to make updates to your current registration online or by mail. You can register to vote or make in-person registration changes up to election day on November 5th.

Not sure who to vote for? Check out our Vote 2019 section to help you be an informed voter when casting your ballot.

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