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MultiCare Auburn Medical Center Wins Diversity & Equity-Centered Business of the Year 2020 Spotlight Connect Award


MultiCare Auburn Medical Center has received the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce 2020 “Diversity & Equity-Centered Business of the Year” Spotlight CONNECT Award! This award recognizes an Auburn Area business or agency that has made an impactful commitment to embrace diversity in their workplace, implement equity-centered partnerships, and create inclusive community connections.


The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce writes:  

“For several years, the MultiCare Health System has focused on promoting and advancing “health equity” across our region. The MultiCare Center of Health Equity was developed to ensure that the system could meet the cultural, linguistic, and spiritual needs of all patients and their families. In 2015, following a “Cultural Competency Organizational Assessment,” MultiCare created their Health Equity Strategic Plan 2015-2020, identifying as key areas for improvement:

  • Establishing a culturally proficient/sensitive and responsive workforce
  • Recruiting, hiring and retaining a diverse workforce
  • Connecting and engaging with our communities, especially communities of color, promoting inclusivity
  • Increasing promotion and access to Interpreter Services across MultiCare for limited English proficiency (LEP), American Sign Language (ASL) and visually impaired patients. (Read more)

Additionally, MultiCare signed the #123forEquity Campaign to Eliminate Health Care Disparities, led by the American Hospital Association, in July 2015. (Click here to learn more about how MultiCare is focusing on health equity.)

Kacie Bray, Auburn Area CONNECT CEO, presented the 2020 “Diversity & Equity-Centered Business of the Year” SPOTLIGHT Award to the MultiCare Auburn Medical Center leadership team on Monday, October 26th.”

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