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Looking Back on Washington’s 2022 Legislative Session [VIDEO]


The State Legislature concluded their 60-day lawmaking in Olympia on March 10, with Sine Die, which is Latin for “without a day.” Among those legislators retiring after the 2022 legislative session is Rep. Jesse Johnson (LD30).

The 2022 Washington State Legislature passed several key pieces of legislation, overhauling taxation, protective orders, and updating past law enforcement legislation from the 2021 session.


Watch the legislative session end, then keep reading to see retiring representatives honored and find out how bills Auburn legislators sponsors fared during the session.

2021-21 Legislative Session for Auburn Representatives 

Like the federal government, Washington has a two-chamber legislature with a senate and house of representatives. Auburn is in three legislative districts, the 30th, 31st, and 47th. Each district is represented by one senator with a four-year term and two representatives with a two-year term. Presently Auburn is represented by six Democrat legislators and three Republicans.

Each representative may join committees within the house or senate. State senators and representatives also sponsor or co-sponsor bills that introduce new, update, or remove legislation. Once the bill passes both chambers it moves to the Governor’s desk to become law. How a Bill Becomes a Law (link)


Below are the nine individuals representing Auburn in the statehouse, including current committees. Each legislator has a report of each 2021 sponsored bills associated with them.

Not sure what district you’re in? Find out now(link)

30th Legislative District:

Position/Name/Party-City – Committees

Senator Claire Wilson (D-Auburn) – Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation (C), 
Early Learning & K-12 Education (VC, Early Learning), Rules, Transportation
Claire Wilson 2021-22 sponsored/co-sponsored bills (pdf)
Representative Jesse Johnson (D-Federal Way) – Public Safety (VC), Appropriations, Community & Economic Development
Jesse Johnson’s 2021-22 sponsored and co-sponsored bills (pdf)
Representative Jamila Taylor (D-Federal Way) – Housing, Human Services & Veterans (VC),
Community & Economic Development, Transportation
Jamila Taylor’s 2021-22 sponsored and co-sponsored bills (pdf)


31st Legislative District:

Senator Phil Fortunato (R-Auburn) – Housing & Local Government (RM), Environment, Energy & Technology, Transportation
Phil Fortunato’s 2021-22 sponsored and co-sponsored bills (pdf)
Representative Eric Robertson (R-Sumner) – Commerce & Gaming (ARMM), Transportation (ARMM)
Local Government, Rules
Eric Robertson’s 2021-22 sponsored and co-sponsored bills (pdf)
Representative Drew Stokesbary (R-Auburn) – Appropriations (RMM), Finance
Drew Stokesbary’s 2021-22 sponsored and co-sponsored bills (pdf)

47th Legislative District:

Senator Mona Das (D-Kent) – Housing & Local Government (VC), Environment, Energy & Technology
Mona Das’ 2021-22 sponsored and co-sponsored bills (link)
Representative Debra Entenman (D-Kent)  – College & Workforce Development (VC), Civil Rights & Judiciary, Transportation
Debra Enteman’s 2021-22 sponsored and co-sponsored bills (pdf)
Representative Pat Sullivan (D-Kent) – Appropriations, Rules
Majority Leader
Pat Sullivan’s 2021-22 sponsored and co-sponsored bills (pdf)

Retiring Representatives

Retiring legislators were honored as the legislative session came to a close. The Senate honored the legacy of Senator Tim Sheldon (LD 35) while the House honored the 2-terms of Jesse Johnson (LD 30), Rep. Laurie Dolan (LD22), and Rep. Steve Kirby (LD29).



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