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Julia Jordan joins WinnComm, LLC to launch JagChamber


Marketing/PR development agency WinnComm, LLC announced Sunday, September 16th, the hiring of former Auburn Area Chamber CEO Julia Jordan to launch JagChamber, a Software as a Service (SaaS) membership solution that incorporates a built-in drag-and-drop CMS. JagChamber’s integrated solution is targeted for Chambers of Commerce and other membership type organizations and associations. It’s fast. It’s secure. It’s easy to use.

Julia Jordan, WinnComm, JagChamber
Julia Jordan Courtesy Photo

“We are so excited to have Julia on our team to head the launch of JagChamber,” said Sharon Couts, founding partner of WinnComm. “Her ideas and needs as a chamber CEO influenced the JagChamber build plus she has over 15 years of experience with chambers and associations, there isn’t anyone better suited to lead JagChamber.”


In June, WinnComm and the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce signed a client contract to custom build a new solution to manage the Chamber’s partners (members), events, and accounting in one solution.

“Knowing the needs of a chamber through my many years of working in the industry, I set out at the time to help design the ultimate membership/CMS system for Auburn. Working with WinnComm every step of the way, the perfect solution to every chamber’s needs was born,” said Julia Jordan, JagChamber’s newest partner. “I’m stoked to launch JagChamber and see every chamber benefit from this new technology. With the conclusion of my contract with Auburn, this was the perfect fit and timing to take on a project I am passionate about.”

JagChamber is a “fork” of WinnComm’s proprietary content management solution JagCMS. Both solutions are developed in PHP 7.1+ within the Laravel framework, MySQL Server, and Nginx + Apache. JagChamber combines the following spotlight features:

  • Membership module to track member activities, history and purchases. It will also have the ability to categorize members into various groups per any Chambers’ needs.
  • E-commerce solution, selling memberships, event tickets, sponsorships and more. The options are limitless!
  • Communications module(s) that helps solve all communication issues chambers experience with current providers that do not fully integrate or function well within own their systems. Features of JagChamber will include an email platform for newsletters; consists of the ability to post news releases, job listings, blog posts to website and a social media post management tool.
  • Accounting, which keeps track of membership, event and sponsorship sales and ties directly with QuickBooks online
  • Reporting feature to download billing, membership, event and Google Analytic reports
  • Elements of an ERP solution
  • It also gives Chambers of Commerce the ability to add more membership value and chamber non-membership revenue streams with new membership benefits such as advertising, blog posts, press releases, job postings, and events listings.

JagChamber, WinnCommJagChamber will compete with other membership solutions currently on the market. There are three packages available, making JagChamber affordable to smaller and larger chambers and associations. There are no hidden fees. The only differences between the packages are website design and a chamber-owned server. Chambers of Commerce retain content ownership rights.


“We’re giving back the power to the Chambers of Commerce,” said Jim Couts, one of WinnComm’s founding partners. “This was a true partnership that we’ve been looking for to grow JagCMS. We can’t wait to show other chambers and membership groups about this unique product offering. We believe in this product completely, so any Chamber that invests in JagCHAMBER, we will invest right back by becoming an annual member. It’s a Winn-Winn!”

About WinnComm:

WinnComm, LLC is a public relations, marketing, and development company (websites, mobile apps, software) that assists start-ups and existing businesses with launching new products or services from conception to market sustainability and anywhere in between. Our mission is to empower people and businesses to reach their goals and build their vision.


The above article is a press release from WinnComm, LLC.  The Auburn Examiner has not independently verified its contents.



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