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Help Shape the Future of Auburn

The 2020 US Census only has two weeks left to collect community data. Ensuring every member of a city is important, as it impacts the city’s future for the next ten years.  Currently, the state of Washington has a self-response response rate of 71.7% and overall response rate of 95.5%. The City of Auburn’s self-response rate is 72.4%. Muckleshoot’s self-response rate is 61.0%.  Because everyone counts, everyone needs to go to Https://census2020.gov to fill out the Census.

Everyone counts. Really, everyone.  FAQ on Who to Count
Worried your information won’t be safe? Learn How the Census Bureau Protects Your Data
There is a lot of misinformation out there about the Census. Check out Fighting 2020 Census Rumors

Not completing the Census means you’re letting your taxes go to other cities. Many people think Census date only updates population counts for cities and helps determine Congressional and Legislative District maps. Accurate Census data is extremely important as it helps determine how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding will be distributed.

It’s not too late to complete your 2020 Census

Census results impact decisions on funding, programs, and infrastructure planning. Here are just a few of the different aspects of every community Census results affect:

  • Infrastructure funding and planning
    -Highway planning and construction
    -Funding for roads and bridges
    -Public transportation grants and funding
    -Rural water and waste disposal systems
  • Grants and Funding for Education
    -Grants to support teachers
    -Grants to support Special Education
    -Grants for preschool
    -Pell Grants
    -School Lunches
    -Funding for Head Start programs
    -Adult Education
  • Programs and funding for natural disaster response
  • Funding for wildfire preparation and response
  • Programs for child abuse prevention
  • Housing assistance for Seniors
  • Funding for fire departments
  • Funding for libraries
  • Section 8 Housing
  • Funding and planning for hospitals
  • Planning and funding for employment and training programs
    -Vocational rehabilitation state grants
    -Funding for dislocated workers
    -Funding for American Indian and Alaska Native employment and training
  • Planning and funding for healthcare
    -Funding and planning for hospitals
    -Funding for Medicaid, Medicare Part B
    -State Children’s Health Insurance funding
    -Funding for substance abuse prevention and treatment programs

The list goes on. If Auburn doesn’t have an accurate count of residents, funding allocated for the city will be less than it truly needs, or deserves.2020 census, us census, united states census,

The Census report is also used by business leaders when making important decisions. Accurate Census data can mean the difference between a large business investing in Auburn, bringing new jobs and revenue to the city, or choosing another local city.

So make sure you’ve filled out the Census and counted everyone in your household. Check with your neighbors, family, friends, and coworkers to make sure they have completed their Census too.

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