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Bill Clarifying Workers Compensation Eligibility for Radiological Waste Facilities Passes


The House Floor debated Substitute Senate Bill 5890, which would clarify eligibility for worker’s compensation at radiological hazardous waste facilities.

The bill passed the Senate 32-17 on February 12 and passed the House 68-27 on March 2. It now makes its way to the Governor’s office for an opportunity to be signed into law. 


Watch the testimony then continue reading to learn more about SSB 5890.

ESSB 5890 Clarifying Eligibility for certain Workers’ Compensation 

Bill Information

SSB-5488 Bill Information Page (link)

Concerning: Clarifying eligibility for the presumption for workers’ compensation for all
personnel working at a radiological hazardous waste facility. Bill as Passed (pdf) Final Bill Report (pdf)
Sponsors: Sponsors: Keiser, Conway, Dhingra, Hasegawa, Kuderer, Lovick, Nobles, Saldaña, Stanford, Wellman, Wilson, C.
Effective Date:The bill contains an emergency clause and takes effect immediately.

Votes on Final Passage:  Senate 32 17  |  House 68 27

Summary of Bill:

The definitions for “Hanford nuclear site” and “United States Department of Energy Hanford site workers” are replaced with definitions for “radiological hazardous waste facility” and “exposed worker(s).”

The presumption that certain diseases are occupational diseases for workers’ compensation for these workers is removed for communicable respiratory and neurological diseases.


“Exposed worker(s)” means a worker working at a radiological hazardous waste facility for at least an eight-hour shift covered under this title, including conducting an inspection of the facility.

“Radiological hazardous waste facility” means any structure and its lands where high-level radioactive waste or mixed waste as defined above is stored or disposed of, except certain military installations.

Available Video

Live video of legislative activity is available on TVW.  Links listed for meetings in the future will be linked to live meetings.  Video links take you off of the Auburn Examiner website to the TVW website.

Jan 26, 2022 Senate Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs at 10:30 AM
Feb 2, 2022 Senate Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs at 10:30 AM
Feb 18, 2022 House Labor & Workplace Standards at 8:00 AM
Feb 22, 2022 House Labor & Workplace Standards at 10:00 AM

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Unless otherwise noted, the above information was obtained from the official Washington State Legislative website. Future meetings are subject to change. Auburn representatives in bold.

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