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Beyond Auburn – March 24, 2019


News Beyond Auburn


This is the bar that originated the pursuit that tragically ended the life of KPD Officer Diego Moreno:


Spokesman-Review: Kittitas County Sheriff’s deputy killed, officer injured during traffic stop

Washington’s Most Wanted:

Driving in Kent? Be aware of their new safety camera laws:


Love Prince? You’re going to love the new exhibit coming to the MoPop:


My recommendation this week of KOMO’s Seattle is Dying piece wasn’t popular with all of our readers.  I get it.  The documentary is controversial.

One of our readers, Sheilia McLaughlin, had this to say about the piece:

“This will be unpopular with my progressive friends. I’m seeing a lot of heated dispute over the KOMO Seattle is Dying video. The Third Door video does highlight the housing crisis. But the issue is not solely the fault of high rents and landlords. We have a drug problem in Seattle and King County and city council keeps chasing fires without dealing with the issue. They have to actually use the words WE HAVE A DRUG PROBLEM.

I have compassion for my homeless brethren. I feed them weekly, hand out socks, help to find jobs and housing, gather food for the week. Give them blankets and sterno for some heat. But 90% of the people I see on the weekly have addiction issues. I don’t have resources to get them help, so all I can do is help them in that moment and pray I see them next week.  [But] all too often, they fade away, not to be seen again. We find out later they OD’d or died from the elements or were killed [in] accidents.

We need our city and county leaders to acknowledge the problem, [and] allow the police to do their jobs. We need interventions so people quit dying on the streets. So people feel safe again in their own neighborhoods.


I’m sharing Sheilia’s post (with permission) because I appreciated what Sheilia had to say.

What Seattle, and many major metropolitan cities, are dealing with is a multi-faceted and very complex problem.  This is no longer just a housing crisis, just a racial inequality issue, just an opioid epidemic, or just a criminal justice issue.  Did Seattle is Dying get some things wrong? Sure.  But, just like safe injection sites – it began a conversation on alternative methods of addressing this complex matter.

Frankly, nothing will ever get solved if all that happens is sniping and buzzword bullying.  What we need is open discourse and constructive exchanging of ideas.

Here is a behind the scenes piece on the documentary, which consequently I also reccomend: Behind the scenes of Seattle is Dying

Beyond the Sound:

The NY Times: Parkland Grieves Again After Two Apparent Teenage Suicides

NPR: Read the Justice Departments Summary of the Mueller Report

Get your Denny and McSteamy fix in now folks:  ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy reportedly leaving netflix soon


Last week Tonight (3/17): Public Shaming

P!nk – Walk Me Home Tonight

Mic’d Up Mason – GoPro Edition




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