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Will a Tax Deferral Encourage Solar Power Parking Lots? [VIDEO]


The House passed ESSB 5714 57-40 on March 9, which would create a sales and use tax deferral program for solar canopies placed on large-scale commercial lots. The bill passed the Senate 29-19 on March 4. ESSB 5714 now heads to the Governor’s office for an opportunity to be signed into law. 

Watch the testimony then continue reading to learn more about ESSB 5714.


ESSB 5714 Creating a Tax Deferral Program Related to Solar Canopies

Bill Information

Bill Information Page (link)

Concerning: Creating a sales and use tax deferral program for solar canopies placed on large-scale commercial parking lots and other similar areas. Bill as Passed (pdf) Final Bill Report (pdf)
Sponsors: Carlyle, Liias, Gildon, Lovelett, Mullet, Nguyen, Rolfes
Votes on Final Passage:  Senate 29 19  |  House 57 40

Summary of Bill:

State and Local Sales and Use Tax Deferral for Solar Canopies. The Department of Revenue (DOR) must issue a sales and use tax deferral certificate for state and local sales and uses taxes on an eligible investment project.


An eligible investment project (project) is an investment in a qualified solar canopy, including labor and services rendered in the planning, installation, and construction of the project, that is located in a qualifying commercial center. A qualified solar canopy is a new elevated structure, or multiple structures, containing a solar energy system with a nameplate capacity of at least one megawatt (MW) of alternating current and has an area of at least 50,000 square feet. A qualifying commercial center is a property currently used for retail,
industrial, or other commercial purposes, containing a parking area or other area dedicated for both vehicle use and placement of a solar canopy.

Available Video

Live video of legislative activity is available on TVW.  Links listed for meetings in the future will be linked to live meetings.  Video links take you off of the Auburn Examiner website to the TVW website.

Jan 13, 2022 Senate Environment, Energy & Technology at 10:30 AM
Jan 27, 2022 Senate Environment, Energy & Technology at 10:30 AM
Feb 17, 2022 Senate Ways & Means at 4:00 PM
Feb 24, 2022 Senate Ways & Means at 4:00 PM
Mar 8, 2022 House Finance at 1:00 PM

Unless otherwise noted, the above information was obtained from the official Washington State Legislative website. Future meetings are subject to change. Auburn representatives in bold.

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