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Vote 2020: Washington Congressional Candidates

The below individuals have filed to be candidates for congressional districts 8 and 9.  Every 2 years the Representative seat is up for election. Two years ago 8th Congressional District Representative Kim Schrier entered office as a freshman Congresswoman. She is up for re-election. 9th Congressional District Representative Adam Smith is also a freshman Representative up for re-election.

8th Congressional District Representative

Name: Kim Schrier (Incumbent)
Website/Email:drkimschrier.com, [email protected]
Party: Democratic

Name: James Mitchell
Website/Email: http://JamesMitchell4life.com, [email protected]
Party: Democratic

Name: Corey Bailey
Website/Email: [email protected]
Party: Independent

Name: Jesse Jensen
Website/Email: jessejensen2020.com , [email protected]
Party: No Party Declared

Name: Ryan Dean Burkett
Website/Email: [email protected]
Party: Republican

Name: Dave Saulibio
Website/Email: alltrumpdave.com, [email protected]
Party: Republican

Name: Kieth Arnold
Website/Email: votekeitharnold.com, [email protected]
Party: Republican

Name: Kieth R. Swank
Website/Email: keithswankforamerica.com, [email protected]
Party: Republican

9th Congressional District Representative

Name: Adam Smith (Incumbent)
Website/Email: electadamsmith.com[email protected]
Party: Democratic Party

Name: Jorge Besada
Website: [email protected]
Party: Libertarian Party

Name: Joshua Campbell
Website/Email: electjoshuacampbell.com, [email protected]
Party: Republican Party

Name: Doug Basler
Party: Republican Party

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