Vote 2018

But we just voted LAST year!

Yes, it’s that time again – another election cycle.  Here is a brief rundown of important election information and dates you need to know for elections impacting the City of Auburn.  We will not be covering every campaign or race with in-depth coverage.  We will do our best to keep any pertinent information up-to-date as to be as close as possible as a one-stop-shop for your Auburn related election needs.

First and most importantly: are you registered? Check here!

If not than Register to Vote!
King County
Pierce County

Auburn’s Districts:

Congressional: 8th
Legislative: 30th, 31st, 47th
Counties: King and Pierce
Judicial: South-East King District
King County Voters’ Pamphlet
Pierce County Voters’ Pamphlet

Important Dates:

June 22nd: Overseas and service ballots sent for the Primary election
July 9th: Voter registration deadline
July 11th: Out of state ballots mailed for Primary election
July 17th: Local voters’ pamphlets mailed
July 18th: Ballots mailed for primary election
July 19th: Ballot drop boxes open
July 20th: Deadline to file as a write-in candidate
July 30th: In-person voter registration deadline for new voters
August 7th: Election Dayelection, new girl, vote

September 21st: Overseas and service ballots sent for the General election
September 25th: National Voter Registration Day
October 8th: Voter Registration Deadline
October 10th: Out of state ballots mailed for General Election
October 16th: Local voters’ pamphlets mailed
October 17th: Ballots mailed for the General election
October 18th: Ballodrop boxes open
October 19th: Deadline to file as a write-in candidate
October 29th: In-person voter registration deadline for new voters
November 6th: Election day


In Washington State, we vote by mail. Ballots are mailed 20 days prior to the election and earlier to overseas and service voters.  Ballots must be returned via mail or a ballot drop box.  Your ballot must be postmarked by election day. Don’t wait until the last minute!

New this year! Voters will receive prepaid envelops to return their ballots.  For those wishing to utilize a drop box, here are both King and Pierce County Ballot drop box locations:

King County Ballot drop boxes
Pierce County Ballot drop boxes

Once you’ve voted, you can track your ballot here:

King County
Pierce County

And check the results here:

King County Election Results
Pierce County Election Results

If you still have questions, the Secretary of State has a handy FAQ section that can help: click here.

I voted, ballot, election, vote
We may have gotten postage for our ballots, but we still don’t get an “I Voted” sticker.                                                                         Which is still malarkey.



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