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The HOP: Easter Eggs dropped from a HELICOPTER!


Shane Nicolich, a member of the Revive Community, helped put on The HOP – a community event held at Auburn Memorial Stadium April 20th.  Here is his recap of his experience seeing the community come together on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

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Courtesy Photo Revive Auburn

I started going to REVIVE church about a year ago.  I was invited by my aunt to go to her church with her.  At that point, I was going to a big church with a lot of members.  REVIVE Auburn is a smaller church, only about a year-and-a-half old.


Going to REVIVE was so awesome.  I was welcomed into the church-family like I was being welcomed back.  I’ve been going back weekly, except on Sundays when I am running a marathon.  Up until a week-and-a-half ago, the church was meeting in a movie theater at The Commons in Federal Way.  Now we are meeting in the cafeteria of Auburn High School.

The HOP: A Family Egg Hunt Event

revive auburn, the hop, helicopter dropping eggs
Awesome Inc at REVIVe Auburn’s The HOP | Courtesy Photo, REVIVE Auburn

Saturday, April 20th, is definitely one for the books!  A while back, Pastor Josh Headley had the idea to put on The HOP, a big Easter event.  He wanted to put on an event for Auburn and the surrounding communities and let them know that REVIVE was here now.  If Easter eggs being dropped from a helicopter isn’t a good way to say, “Hi!  We are here,” then I don’t know what is.

The community certainly showed up at The HOP!  On the morning of the event, I heard someone say that the event’s Facebook page showed that about 700 people were going to be attending.  While I was setting up the Bag Craft table where I was helping out during the event, I heard that the line almost went around the entire block.  Afterward, heard the total number of people that showed up was upwards of SEVEN THOUSAND!

Easter eggs were dropped from a helicopter that flew into Auburn Memorial Stadium.  There was a bouncy house, live music, an inflatable slide, and face-painting. AWESOME Inc Fitness had a couple of trainers who were guiding people on exercises. The Easter Bunny was there to take pictures with.  A table was also set up where kids could decorate bags to use for collecting eggs.  There was a lot going on in that stadium!

the hop, REVIVE Auburn, easter egg hunt, easter eggs from a helicopter, easter bunny, awesome inc, bounce house, community, community event, auburn memorial stadium,
Facepainting at REVIVE Auburn’s The HOP | Courtesy Photo, REVIVE Auburn

This was the first time this event took place in Auburn.  From what I saw,  it was apparent the community loved it!  If it’s possible, I’m sure it’ll be even better next year! It was an effort to provide an event where the community could come together on a holiday, and the people definitely showed up.  I am sort-of biased since I go to REVIVE Auburn and I helped put on the event, but I give it five stars!

REVIVE Auburn doesn’t have “members,” but does have around 60 people who consider REVIVE their community.  The church’s people are so giving and selfless, bringing goodness to the outside community.  I am so very grateful to have taken part in helping to put on The HOP!

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  1. Tameka Tameka April 24, 2019

    Actually, this is false. There were hundreds of reviews online that were deleted by the church. The event was a total disaster and left hundreds if not thousands of angry parents and crying children. Most of the people were still in line and missed the egg drop. The few people who were inside reported being trampled on, some lost their kids, and while I was standing hundreds of kids were seen left crying without eggs. Many inside stated that it was more like 2000 eggs vs 20k advertised. There were no petting zoo, couple of food stands, and only 2 small bounce house. It was very poorly planned and for us who were there and saw do many heartbroken kids, this report is disturbing.

  2. Matthew Matthew April 25, 2019

    Absolutely horrible! What a disaster!

  3. Cynthia Bonilla Cynthia Bonilla April 28, 2019

    I am shocked at these comments, regarding this event as a disaster! What was a disaster was the usual behavior, parents not wanting to wait and take their turn, parents on the field scooping up more than 20- 30 plastic eggs, as if their children were the only ones that counted. Children were crying because of inconsiderate parents! The hosts saved many boxes to the side afterward to replenish the gluttony behavior of significant quantity of adults that were present!
    To the promoters, it looks like next time roped lines and ushers may help minimize the mayhem. For a free event, people acted with a sense of entitlement, instead of a community that cares about others, with ALL children first. Kudos to ReVive Auburn! Your heart was in the right place, and I would support this event again next year! Keep in mind, there are still alot of people who don’t know the Golden Rule, nor live it, and so you need peacekeepers, structure, and probably charge a fee. Again, thanks for the energy, people that staffed and guided attendees, and allowing our group, Circle Creek Therapy, to be present. Thanks! Cindy Bonilla, OT

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