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Nomad Pet Fostering Aims to Keep Pets and Owners Together

The Nomad Pet Fostering logo: a rounded paw print set inside a thin line drawn heart overlays a rainbow color splash.

Nomad Pet Fostering is a volunteer organization operating in Auburn, WA, and surrounding cities, in both King and Pierce counties. They are calling for volunteers to help care for pets of the needy. Volunteer roles include (but are not limited to) hosting a pet as a pet foster parent, and performing daily care of pets by visiting their homes. Additionally, Nomad Pet Fostering would like a person involved in the social services sector to advise them. Interested in volunteering? Please contact Nomad Pet Fostering at, or through the website at

How Nomad Pet Fostering helps pets:

  1. Pet surrenders are decreased, easing the strain on the animal shelter/rescue system. Currently, the animal shelter/rescue system is at or beyond capacity in western Washington, leading many to turn away owner surrenders.
  2. Pets belonging to homeless owners get basic veterinary care and are less likely to spread disease or contribute to animal overpopulation.

The region including Auburn has the second highest rate of homelessness in King County, after Seattle [1].


How Nomad Pet Fostering helps the homeless:

  1. Owners are more likely to accept and complete medical intervention if they know their pets will be well cared for and then returned.
  2. Owners are more likely to go into voluntary treatment if they know their pets will be well cared for and returned to them.
  3. Homeless owners with pets have expressed that owning a pet gives them an incentive to get off the streets, get clean, etc., so that they can better care for their pet [2].

Recent client Bob (name changed for privacy) and his dog were separated for a week by a medical emergency. The nurses at the hospital called Nomad, who sent a volunteer immediately to place the dog in a foster home. At the end of the week, the two were reunited, seen below. Of the experience, Bob says, “Nomad Pet Fostering is a lifesaver. I thought I was going to have to give up my dog when I had to spend a week in the hospital. But thanks for Nomad I didn’t have too. This a great organization and they would appreciate donations. Thanks again Nomad for keeping me and Bon together ❤️❤️❤️”

An older white male with medium length brown hair and beard sits on a bed holding a pug. The man hugs the dog close kissing its head.
Nomad Pet Fostering client, ‘Bob’, and his dog. | Nomad Pet Fostering

“Nobody should have to lose their pet forever just because they wind up in the hospital for a few days,” Nomad Director Adrienne Battle says, “and if helping out a little can prevent that, then let’s help out.”
Clients typically are in a position that forces them to choose between surrendering their pet for good, or finding a stranger with whom to entrust their pet. Nomad Pet Fostering is stepping in to care for these pets with experienced and insured volunteers.

About Nomad Pet Fostering: 

Nomad Pet Fostering was founded in 2022 in Auburn, WA, in response to the increasing numbers of homeless people in the region. Their mission is to help unhoused people by caring for their pets during emergencies or treatment and then reuniting them with their pets. While in their care, volunteers use existing community programs to update the pets on vaccinations and parasite prevention, as well as spaying/neutering the pets if the owners so desire.

[1] Seattle/King County Point-in-Time Count of Individuals Experiencing Homelessness, 2020 report 


[2] Kerman, Nick & Gran-Ruaz, Sophia & Lem, Michelle. (2019). Pet ownership and homelessness: a scoping review. Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless. 28. 1-9. 10.1080/10530789.2019.1650325.

The above is a press release from Nomad Pet Fostering. The Auburn Examiner has not independently verified its content.

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