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New Year, New Music from the AE Team

Forget ‘New year, new me!’ – that never lasts anyway. But ‘New year, new music’? Now that’s something we can get behind.

Below are the January playlists from the AE Team, with special guest Chris Stearns. Each of us have different tastes and our moods change from month to month, so there’s sure to be something for everyone in the mix. Give the playlists a listen and let us know what you think!

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Warning: some songs may contain explicit lyrics.

Elizabeth’s January 2021 Playlist:

Scott’s January 2021 Playlist:

Cameron’s January 2021 Playlist:

Lindsay’s January 2021 Playlist:

Solen’s January 2021 Playlist: 

Fillin My Cup by Hailey Whitters Ft. Little Big Town

This song is a recipe for living life “half-full”. It’s an upbeat, happy song with catchy lyrics that’s perfect to start the new year with.

Invisible String by Taylor Swift 

This song has a soft and whimsical melody that will just make you just feel good about life and the way it works out in our favor sometimes. It’s a gentle reminder that we’re all exactly where we’re supposed to be right now in the universe. 

Burning Man

This is a great song about we all have a little burning man in us. Nobody is a saint and life is a work in progress, but there’s lessons to be learned in balancing our calm with our crazy. 

Wagon Wheel 

The happiest of happy songs. I guarantee you will want to single along to this very catchy song about a regular guy just trying to make it home to the love of his life. Always a classic mood booster that makes you feel so much better about life after jamming out to it. 

That’s the Way That the World Goes Round by John Prine

This little song is a nutshell of the funny ways that life works sometimes. It can have wild ups and downs but it’s all a wonderful, beautiful thing at the end of the day that may not make any sense, but that’s okay. Rest in peace John Prine. 

Settling Down by Miranda Lambert

This is such a gorgeous song from two time Grammy award winner Miranda Lambert. It’s a song that asks the hard questions life demands of us, and ultimately whether some people are meant to settle down in life or find happiness in other places. 

Me About Me

This is a beautiful soft song about knowing when it’s time to let a relationship go. It’s a soft spoken testament to not losing yourself in a relationship when the give and take balance is way off it’s mark.

Redesigning Women by The Highwoman

This is a sharp song that reminds you of the sheer strength of women everywhere. It asks the timeless question of just how women are able to do all things, while making it look so easy. The entire album is one of my favorites from 2020, but this song especially is amazing!

Traveling Man by Zach Bryan

First off- if you’ve never listened to Zach, you MUST. He is that good. I honestly have not heard a bad song from him, and his gift of storytelling through music is unmatched. Take this song for example- it follows a young man who can’t stay in one place for too long because he doesn’t know how to. He yearns for the normalcy of routine, but has too many dreams in his head and keeps running from things inside his heart that he has yet to make peace with. It’s tragic, and beautiful, and everything a good song should be. 

One Heart to Another by Madie and Tae

This song is so beautiful. It tries to make sense of why hearts get broken, and the different ways people deal with the aftermath. The vocals on this are stunning and the lyrics are so relatable.

Chris Stearns’ January 2021 Playlist:

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