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National Poetry Month Poetry Showcase

A headshot of Poet Laureate James Rodgers
James Rodgers | photo from James Rodgers

Hello Poetry Lovers! First of all, thanks to all of those who submitted poems for our National Poetry Month showcase.  There were lots of great submissions, and we can’t include them all.

Poetry is meant to be read, so we have picked our favorites to highlight and included them below. The remaining ones are linked, for those who want to check them out too. All of the poems deserve your time, but we were only able to post a few.  Here we go!



Auburn Examiner’s National Poetry Month Showcase

Home Theater

We never went out that much to the theater
to watch a movie before Covid-19 anyway,
but now, after not going for over two years…


We’ve got a HULU code from our grand-girl,
Netflix and Disney sign-ins from our daughter,
an Amazon Fire Stick with PLEX from our son,
HBO and Showtime passwords from my cousin
and a dozen streaming apps, all free on our TV.

We don’t have to get dressed or drive in traffic,
wait in line for tickets or at the concession stand
and have whatever we want from our kitchen.

We have recliners for watching our big screen,
never have a tall person sitting in front of us
or need to get up and let others squeeze by.


No distractions from iPhones and their users,
worry about others not wearing their mask,
plus, we have pause on our remote for potty runs.

We just may never go out to the movie theater again.

Carl Papa Palmer


When I can’t write
Like Candles
I light each thought
Some sparkle, glow, and cooperate
Some dim, hesitate, or bicker
With my candelabra of ideas
Melting away late at night
I let them guide the way to a blank page
and entertain what tales they may ignite

-C.Ramblings (Christina Weinzierl)

From a dream:

Out of dark dirt
come flowers

Out of deep sadness
come broad smiles

Out of enclosed barrel
sweet wine flows

Out of hard tasks
raised hands of joy

Jim Teeters

Sing – Four Spring Haiku

evenings start to sing
cold is chased away softly
green shoots please the eye

purple smiling faces
rise up from snow crusted dirt
sing their debut songs

mosquitoes tune up
pond scum sifts, sinks out of sight
frogs sing harmony

and like shifting sands
seasons sing a welcome tune
while sifting through days

Jane Lang


Every time we say good night,
it feels like goodbye

because missing you aches like I’ll never see you again

But I would miss you for a thousand hours,
Just to see you for one.


Read all of the National Poetry Month submissions: Auburn Examiner National Poetry Month Showcase April 2022

Thank you to everyone who submitted a poem. This will not be the only time the Auburn Examiner accepts and publishes reader submitted items.

All poetry included in this post are the original creation of the listed poet.


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