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King County Medical Examiner’s Office to Hold 2022 Indigent Burial Ceremony


The King County Medical Examiner’s Office will honor 240 individuals in its 2022 Indigent Burial Ceremony. The ceremony will include burial rites, prayers from clergy, a memorial plaque, and memories shared by friends.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office Indigent Remains program provides cremation and a proper burial for indigent individuals who have died in King County. This program serves people whose families either could not be located or could not provide for the proper disposition of remains.


The ceremony will be held Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 11:00 a.m., at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, 100 Blaine Avenue NE, in Renton. The public is invited to attend the ceremony.

Indigent Burial Process and Eligibility

Individuals eligible for this program must be indigent and have died in King County. A next-of-kin search, notification, and financial review are done to confirm eligibility.

Decedents in the program are cremated and securely held until the next burial. Ceremonies typically take place every two years. Decedents are buried in individual containers, in shared plots. Records are maintained should a family member request the decedent’s remains in the future.

The individuals for the August 24, 2022 burial are listed below:

Ahmed, Fouad
Allen, Andrew
Allen, Ernest
Allen Ill, Robert
Andres, Joel
Andrus, Sabrina
Askew, Dougias
Baby Girl Denuel
Baby Donaldson
Baby Boy Ganzorig
Baby Rice
Baby Girl Smith
Baby Girl Villa-Ceja
Bagby, Joseph
Baker, Erick
Baker, Toni
Bal, Jacqueline
Barber, Edward
Barnes, Ronald
Bartness, Theodore
Batchoo, Farook
Becker, Cynthia
Benner, Jerry
Benz, William
Black, James
Blanchfield Jr, Eric
Bojinov, Evgeni
Bookstein, Sydney
Bowing, Lori
Boyce, Gretchen
Bradford, Tom
Brizuela, Alejandro
Brown, Frances
Brown, Saul
Bruton, Mark
Burlingame, Noah
Cain, Karen
Cameron, Robert
Cassin, Yvonne
Christen Jr, Frederick
Clarence, Mari Jo
Clement, Edward
Coleman, Nicholas
Coleman, Roy
Combs, Mark
Commanda, Alvin
Cox, Michael
Cox, Valerie
Cronkhite-Bailey, Judy
Curvin, Charles
Daly-Ritchie, David
Day, Darcy
Demaria, Joseph
Denison, William
Dillman, Steven
Donovan, Lori Ann
Dorman, Thomas
Doumbouya, Deborah
Dunbar, Matthew
Duncan, James
Dye, Kevin
Early, Larry
Eaves, Kimberly
Emler, Judith
Eno, Samuel
Fanning Jr, James
Ferguson, David
Ferguson, Randolph
Ferguson, Wayne
Finley, Kathryn
Foote, Vincent
Foreman, Anthony
Fowler, Richard
Fuller, Ronald
Garvey, Gerundia
Gee, Michael
Gillis, Sterling
Glattfelder, Rudolf
Goh, Kiang
Gonzales, Christina
Gonzalez, Robert
Goodman, Ronald
Goods, Kevin
Green, Fernando
Green, William
Griffiths, John
Griggs, Suzanne
Grogan, J.T.
Guisness, Frank
Guyer Il, Alfred
Hage, Mark
Hansell, Ruby
Hardy, Robert
Harper, John
Harper, Richard
Harris, George
Harris, Renardo
Hart, Lois
Heath, Terry
Henderson Jr, Archie
Henderson, Chester
Hilbert, Wilson
Hildreth, Stephen
Hill, Barbara
Hill, Timothy
Hopkins Jr, George
Howell, Haruyo
Jamieson, Catherine
Johnson, Derek
Johnson, Lee
Johnson, Janet
Johnson, Michael
Johnson, William
Jones, Ronald
Juarez, Juan
Kaphaem, William
Kasperski, Michael
Kemple, Craig
Kerner, Wilfried
Kin, Kook
Kirk, Vanzell
Ko, Sue
Kopaniasz, Kenneth
Laiche, Marie
Larsen, Joseph
Lee, Melinda
Lenk, Victor
Letchworth, Dwight
Leyda, Robert
Little, Donald
Lole, Ilonka
Lopez-Torres, Xavier
Mahar, Dennis
Marshall, Jack
Martin, Mark
Martin, Steve
Mason, Donaid
Mccann, Jeffrey
Mccarthy, Thomas
Mccomish, Robert
Mccormick, Dawayne
Mccurtain, Robert
Mcgee, Sheldon
Mcnerney, Richard
Menke, Steven
Merasty, Melvin
Meredith, Judith
Mikolas, Dave
Mitchell, Blake
Moore, Larry
Moore, Russ
Morrison, Patrick
Murphy, Terri
Myers, Lawrence
Nakling Iil, Arvid
Nelson, Frederick
Newhall, Richard
Neuman, Valorie
Nguyen, Linh
Norris, Ronald
Novak, Gregory
Olney, Brandon
Pak, Yong
Parn, Fou
Parson, Quincy
Parsons, Wayne
Patterson, Roy
Patterson, Victor
Pendell, Willice
Pentelton, Henry
Perkins, Twila
Peterson, Edward
Petuchov, Patricia
Phansavahn, Sam
Phonephit, Thepsuwan
Piechura, Edward
Pinkston, Bryan
Pinto, Louis
Plum, William
Potier, David
Prince, Donna
Pritchard, Carleton
Puckett, Nancy
Purdy Jr, James
Ramos, Julio
Rezny, Antonin
Robinson, Georgia
Rodriguez, Frank
Rogers Jr, Loni
Rosenbloom, Julia
Ross, Russell
Rowell, Jay
Sallas, Jennie
Salvadalena, Debra
Saunoris, Carrie
Sellers, Denise
Severtson, David
Shay, Terry
Sherman, Lavern
Shook, Danie!
Sims, Thomas
Slaughter, Paris
Smith, Edna
Snyder, Terry
Sglano Oregon, Francisca
Solomon, Tekea
Spivey, Charles
St. Germaine, Jerry
Stillson, Sharon
Stillwell, Forrest
Stoneburner, Roberto
Stordahl, Janet
Streeter Jr., Leslie
Stroeder, Randolph
Syhorath, Kikeo
Thom, Garwood
Thomas Jr., James
Thurlow, Gloria
Trosclair, Kathryn
Tuengel, Thomas
Turnage, Stewart
Varhley, Maryelva
Velazco, Alberto
Videnov, Donco
Walden, Eric
Wallace, Dennis
Warner, David
Watkins, Robert
Weidel, Paul
Weidenkeller, James
Welsh, Brian
Wermer-Mata, Erasmo
White, Clifford
Wier, Rami
Wiggins, Michael
Williams, Julius
Wilson, Michael
Woodman, Donald
Yoro, Malcolm
Zhang, Huagiang

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