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Geaux Brewing is Moving, Not Going


Geaux Brewing, Auburn’s largest production brewery, announced today they’re moving. That’s the bad news. The good news is the brewery is staying in Auburn.

Geaux Brewing’s new permanent location is 3205 C St. NE, Bldg 1, Auburn WA, just a quick drive from the current Main St location. Don’t panic at the thought of running out of your favorite beer from Geaux. Hubbell does not anticipate a pause in sales at Geaux’s Main St. location before opening the new location.


“The move has already started,” said Geaux Brewing founder, Jeremy Hubbell. “We’ve moved nearly all brewing equipment out and will work to get that back online as soon as possible at the new spot. That said, it’ll take about 60 days to get our license to serve alcohol, so, in the meantime, we will remain open for as long as possible on Main St.”


Keeping the beer flowing during the move has been possible because “we’re fortunate to have some great brewery partners in the area that will allow us to brew beer at their locations to at least keep our core,” explained Hubbell. Inevitably something gets lost in every move, but Hubbell expects Geaux to maintain most of its lineup throughout the move.

Currently, moving the brewery to the new location is the primary focus. “The food component is moving over. Any food service that we offer will open [when] we start serving beer, or very closely afterward. One thing I want to be clear on, however, is that our focus for the new location will be on beer. The food [will be] more complementary than anything else,” said Hubbell.


So, why is Geaux Brewing moving from Main St? “You know how the saying goes, it’s complicated,” said Hubbell. One aspect is the significant impact renovations to the building will have on Geaux’s ability to stay open, let alone brew beer.

“Hopefully, people will follow us to the new space,” said Hubbell. “We’re going to continue to offer great beer but also start playing again with new styles and do more barrel-aged products. For the beer lover, it’s going to be great. And as a brewery, that’s always been who we want to cater to.”


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