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Freezing Temperatures Expected, Auburn Warming Shelter to Open


With below freezing temperatures predicted, the Auburn warming shelter will be open this weekend. Located on Auburn Way North, the overnight warming shelter will be available beginning Saturday night.

Warming shelter graphic
City of Auburn

Be Prepared

With the possibility of snow, folks are reminded to prepare for potential power outages.


Things you can do to prepare include:

  • Refresh batteries in your flashlights and flameless candles
  • Get fuel for your generator
  • Get firewood for your fireplace and lighters/matches somewhere easy to find
  • Put extra blankets someplace convenient
  • Charge back up battery packs (keep your electronics above 70% folks).
  • Worried about food going bad? Get a cooler and ice packs ready now.
  • Older home? Check/prepare your pipes to help prevent freezing water.
  • Rush to the store to buy bread and milk. Doesn’t matter that it’s Christmas Eve, it’s the rules.

If the power goes out DO NOT call 911 unless you are reporting downed or arching wires. Check the PSE outage map ( ) or call 1-888-225-5773.

Please check on your neighbors should you lose power.

Please remember to never use your oven, stove, or propane items such as patio heaters and grills inside as a heat source.


Only use a generator outdoors and away from windows.

Disconnect major appliances and electronics to avoid damage or potential fire from electrical surges when power returns.

Don’t open/close the freezer or refrigerator too often, it will cause the cold to escape. Additionally, a full freezer can remain cold for up to 48 hours, while a half full freezer only lasts for 24hours.


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