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DaCorsi to Continue as Deputy Mayor in 2021

Each year the Auburn City Council elects who of the seven members will serve as Deputy Mayor. Auburn’s 2021 Deputy Mayor was selected during Monday’s city council meeting. The council unanimously voted to re-elect Deputy Mayor Claude DaCorsi.

The Deputy Mayor can be any councilmember that has served on the council for one year by the start of the new Deputy Mayor term. A councilmember must be nominated to be considered for the position but can nominate her or himself. A second is not required for nominations. Each councilmember has a single vote and may vote for themself.

Councilmember James Jeyaraj made the first nomination, putting forth DaCorsi.  As the senior member on Council, Councilmember Yolando Trout-Manuel intended to nominate herself but echoed Jeyaraj’s nomination of DaCorsi.

The Deputy Mayor “graciously and humbly [accepted] the nomination” before a unanimous* vote for his re-election. “I must say I am very humbled and honored by councilmembers having the confidence in me to continue on for the next year,” said DaCorsi.

*The unanimous vote was 6-0 as Councilmember Robyn Mulenga was not present at Monday’s City Council Meeting.

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