City Reminder: Keep Your Yard Mowed

The City of Auburn recently sent a friendly reminder about yard maintenance through NextDoor:

Spring is coming and with it, the growing season! For those of you who love to garden, this is great news! For those of you who maybe don’t really enjoy things like mowing the lawn…I’m sorry! Please do keep in mind that in Auburn, residents are responsible for the maintenance of vegetation adjacent to their property (front, back, and both sides). As you are conducting your routine maintenance, please ensure areas that may be outside your fence line are also maintained.

Auburn City Code 8.20 limits the height of grass and weeds to six inches and requires that vines and other vegetation be well maintained. For more information or to access to all Auburn City Codes and Ordinances please visit our website at:

The above is an aggregated post from the City of Auburn.  The Auburn Examiner has not independently verified its contents.

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