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Auburn Food Bank Offers Federal Employees Relief


The Auburn Food Bank has announced they are offering a special evening of food bank service to the Federal Employees.  Those affected by the shut down can receive help with their grocery needs from the food bank.

“We have set aside January 23 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.  This is an extra service night, and will only be for the Federal Employees,” said Auburn Food Bank Director Debbie Christian.


The food bank provides clients with a variety of food staples, including produce, dairy and bread products.  Basic hygiene and infant products are also available.

“We can take monetary donations as well. [This] will be set aside to help Federal Employees with a portion of rent and utilities,” said Christian.

To take advantage of this opportunity participants must live or work within the Auburn School District boundaries.  Please bring valid ID.

Updated: Debbie Christian’s last name was originally listed as ‘Christiansen’ and has been corrected.




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