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Auburn City Council Meeting Re-Cap: October 21, 2019

Auburn City Council held their regularly scheduled City Council Meeting Monday, October 21st. The meeting started promptly at 7:00pm. Largo Wales was excused from the meeting.  Watch Livestream  Click the “Watch Video” next to each section to watch just that portion of the meeting.

Presentations, Public Hearings, and Audience Participation

The meeting began with Mayor Nancy Backus presenting an award that was for the finance department because of their outstanding budget work and budget presentation. The mayor said there is a “full wall” of awards like these. Watch Video

Council then held a public hearing for the 2020-2025 Transportation Improvement ProgramThere was no presentation as the improvement plan was discussed in the previous study session.  No members of the audience came to speak. Watch Video

After that was the Audience Participation part of the agenda where community members can speak to the Council on issues in the community. One person came up and thanked the council for the vote they will be holding that night having to do with Normandy Aircraft.  Another spoke about climate change and reducing Auburn’s impact on the environment. .Watch Video

Committee Reports and Consent Agenda

Next, the Finance Committee gave their report, which included Claims Vouchers, which totaled $9, 684, 318.47 and Payroll Vouchers totaling $2, 310, 538.49. Watch Video

The Council then moved on to the consent agenda, which passed 6-0. It included the minutes of the October 7th City Council Meeting, the Payroll Vouchers, and the Claims Vouchers. Watch Video


Council then moved to Ordinances and Resolutions.  First was Ordinance No. 6728, which has to do with amending City Code pertaining to land use and development and mixed-use buildings.  This ordinance passed 6-0. Watch Video


Next was Resolution No. 5448 which declares forfeited property surplus to the city and lets the Mayor execute agreements pertaining to this piece of land. This property was a part of a seizure done in partnership with the Kent Police Department related to a home, in Kent, that was illegally manufacturing marijuana.  The City of Auburn assisted in this forfeiture due to Auburn’s experience.  This resolution passed 6-0. Watch Video

Resolution No. 5458 was next, which permits the Mayor to execute an Airport Office and Apron Lease with Normandy Aircraft.  This resolution passed 6-0. Watch Video

Next was Resolution No. 5459, which adopts the City of Auburn’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.  This resolution also passed 6-0. Watch Video

The next on the agenda was Resolution No.  5461, which has to do with Fair Housing and includes the City’s 2020-2024 consolidated plan and the 2020 action plan.  This passed 6-0. Watch Video 

The last resolution on the agenda was Resolution No. 5464 which talks about the 2020-2025 Transportation Improvement Plan and says the City will adopt it.  This is what the public hearing was held for.  This resolution passed 6-0. Watch Video

Mayor and Councilmember Reports

Lastly, the council moved onto their personal reports.  Deputy Mayor Bill Peloza began but had no report. Councilmember Bob Baggett talked about a regional emergency management meeting he attended in Renton, where they talked about Tsunami risks for coastal regions and how Auburn can lend a supporting roll in an event like this. Councilmember Claude DiCorsi shared about his meeting at the King County Regional Transit Meeting. Councilmember Yolanda Trout-Manuel spoke about her phone conference with the National League of Cities.  Councilmember Larry Brown gave his report, talking about his attendance at the National Governor’s Association meeting and that Washington state is number one for starting a business.  The state is also number one for family-wage jobs. Councilmember John Holman then gave his report where he spoke about the Grand Opening of Olympic Middle School and how the City is heading towards zero carbon. After that Mayor Backus gave her report which included her talking about her trip to the City’s Sister City in Japan and getting stuck with the impending typhoon there in Japan. Watch Video

After a closed meeting to discuss it, Council passed Resolution No. 5465 for the purchase of the Auburn Avenue Theater.  This resolution passed which they passed a resolution that allows the City to do so. The meeting was then adjourned. Watch Video


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