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ASD October Outstanding Staff Member and Student of the Month Recognized


At the regularly scheduled October 11 School Board Meeting, the Auburn School District Board of Directors recognized Ron Fricks as October’s Outstanding Staff Member of the Month and Erica Rios as the Outstanding Student of the Month. Fricks is a coordinator in maintenance and operations, and Rios is a seventh-grade student at Olympic Middle School.

Ron Fricks
October’s Outstanding Staff Member of the Month 

A headshot of October's Staff Member of the Month, Ron Fricks
October’s Staff Member of the Month, Ron Fricks | ASD

Fricks was nominated by Associate Superintendent Cindi Blansfield, who described him as outstanding. “In the middle of the night or early in the morning when there is a building alarm or emergency heating or cooling issues, Ron doesn’t hesitate to head out and investigate the situation,” Blansfield said. 


Fricks loves the variety of his job, and the opportunity to do something new every day. While he loved working hands-on maintaining mechanical systems in his previous role, he also loves what he does now. Fricks oversees the maintenance and painting shops, works on contracted projects, and is the liaison between support services and capital projects. His work is instrumental in assisting and designing cost-effective, easy-to-maintain systems for the new buildings. He loves the role so much, he even chooses to answer his phone 24/7. 

Originally from Kent, Fricks met his wife while stationed in Oklahoma with the U.S. Air Force. When he finished serving, he moved back to Washington and began working for ASD. He currently lives in Auburn and has five grandchildren. Two of his grandchildren attend Auburn Mountainview. 

When not working Fricks enjoys gardening, camping with his grandkids, and building things.

Erica Rios
October’s Outstanding Student of the Month

A portrait photo of October's Student of the Month, Erica Rios
October’s Student of the Month, Erica Rios | ASD

Rios’ teachers describe her as responsible, persistent, and empathetic. She’s maintained outstanding grades throughout middle school and sets an example for other students with her work ethic. 

Being a leader is one of Rios’ strong suits. She participated in La Chispa, a bilingual leadership academy where she excelled. She brought her leadership skills back to school, where she is the secretary for Latino Unidos.


She also sets an example for her peers with her kindness and empathy. When Rios noticed a student potentially being bullied earlier this year, she reached out to several staff members to make them aware of the situation. 

Rios loves learning and her favorite subject is language arts because she especially loves writing. She spends her free time watching TED talks and psychology videos. She hopes to attend university to pursue a psychology or neurobiology degree. 

Outside of school, Rios enjoys playing soccer, journaling, and spending time with her close-knit family. 


Congratulations Erica and Ron!

The information contained in the above article was provided by the Auburn School District.


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