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Poetry Corner: It’s Time


Hello Poets, lovers of poetry, and those stopping by for a quick glance!

We are in May, my birthday month (Happy birthday James!), and when all the flowers begin to show their colors, waking up from their naps for their time in the sun.  May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, and to quote Marshawn Lynch, ” …take care y’all mentals”!  He also mentioned taking care of your chickens, but that’s for another column.


He’s exactly right.  With the year we just made it through, taking care of your mental health, along with looking out for the mental health of those around you, is vital.  I find poetry is a great way to vent, to grieve, to reflect, and just take care of my mental well-being as best I can.  Whether you share those writings or just get them down on paper for yourself, it helps.  At least, I know it helps me.  Here’s to sunnier days, and we’ll see you in June!

Here’s a recent poem on just this topic:

A graphic with James Rodgers' poem "Its Time" on it. The graphic has a ringing alarm clock, the numbers replaced with the 800 number for the suicide hotline. "It’s Time    9.7% of youth  here in the United States  have major depression.  19% of adults  experienced a mental illness  in the last year.  Millions and millions  of people suffering,  and less than 40% of them  will receive treatment  or help,  staying silent,  ashamed,  depressed.  The number of people  with severe thoughts  of suicide,  ending it all,  continues to climb.  Please understand.  You are not alone.  There are so many others,  including this poet.  You can get through this  and you don’t have to  do it by yourself.  Reach out a hand.  Make a call.  While you may be  a part of the percentage,  don’t be part  of that last statistic."

Listen to the AE Team’s May playlists, themed for Mental Health Awareness Month: Music for Mental Health Awareness.


If you or someone you know is in need of help, don’t hesitate to reach out. Help is always available:  Crisis Resources

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