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Considering Moving to Auburn?


Are you looking for a western U.S. city with great neighborhoods, access to parks and trails, a variety of activities, and welcoming residents? Then Auburn, WA, is a place for you.

Whether you’re relocating and looking for a good spot to call home or exploring must-visit places to add to your bucket list, this U.S. city has a lot to offer. Below, we have discussed more about Auburn, from the city population, climate & weather, and fun activities to the job opportunities and cost of living. Keep reading to learn more about the city and the many great things found in this corner of the world.


Auburn’s Population and Neighborhood

Auburn city is a residential area located in King County, Washington, with a population of slightly over 80,000 distributed over the 76.60 km2 (29.58 sq. mi) of land. The city has excellent learning institutions from elementary school through high school. Most neighborhoods in Auburn are safe and highly recommended for those looking for a dense suburban feel. Most residents are homeowners who enjoy several social amenities, from parks and bike trails to golf courses and coffee shops.

Climate and Weather

Like the wider Washington area, Auburn City has a wide temperature range. The cold months come with lots of rains, and the temperature can fall up to 35°F during winter. Summer lovers can enjoy up to 77°F during warm months like July.

During the warmer months, there are plenty of outdoor activities to try. And once the rainy and winter season sets in, you should keep your home and loved ones safe as there are minor flooding risks, especially in the downtown Auburn areas.

To avoid water damage due to heavy rain, you want to ensure that your home or business premises are raised high enough and away from rivers and streams. In case of a water damage incident, it’s advisable to seek professional water damage restoration services as soon as possible. This helps minimize further damage to your home or commercial property.


Fun Activities in Auburn

The Seattle suburb is a place with lots of fun activities for people of all ages. The Emerald Downs is the most popular attraction, especially for horse racing lovers. Other fun activities include rafting, outdoor dining & shopping, hiking, flying remote-controlled airplanes, and picnicking in the many beautiful gardens.

The White River-Valley museum is a great place for history fanatics to learn more about the local Puget history, the Japanese-American people, and the Northern Pacific Railroad while having a taste of Northwest Indian culture.

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Jobs and Cost of Living in Auburn

Auburn has seen increased job opportunities in recent years, with the future job market expected to increase by up to 37.8% in the next decade. This is higher than the national average of 33.5%. Its long-term unemployment rate is 5.75%, while the average hourly pay is $19.44.

Since the city is located near the coastal areas, Auburn’s cost of living is slightly higher than the average cost in Washington. Compared to the national average, you are also likely to pay more for services like transportation and healthcare. On the other hand, you will enjoy cheap utility rates, i.e., electricity, water, heating, sewage, and waste disposal, compared to Washington. However, housing and rent expenses are approximately 35% higher than the national average.

Auburn is a great city with plenty of fun places and activities for everyday residents or tourists. The people are welcoming, and most neighborhoods are safe, with crime rates below the national average.
Several excellent schools and social amenities mean your loved ones will enjoy high-quality education and fun activities throughout the weekends, holidays, and festive seasons. However, you should choose the high-altitude neighborhoods or those that aren’t prone to flooding to avoid the risk of water damage during the rainy seasons.

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