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City of Auburn Requests Proposals for Community Grants

The City of Auburn offers Community Matching Grants which are available to all communities (defined as a group of 3 or more people) within the city limits of Auburn. The City will consider proposals relative to the benefits it generates for a targeted area and its compliance with City policies and guidelines.

The project must be non-profit in nature and must adhere to municipal, state, and federal regulatory compliance standards (i.e. standards for playgrounds, building codes).

What types of projects can this Grant be used for?

  • beautification projects
  • clean-up activities
  • art projects, especially those that reflect the people of the neighborhood
  • activities that promote crime prevention
  • projects that address a particular neighborhood issue or concern
  • projects that help organize neighborhood groups and promote civic engagement
  • projects that engage the diverse populations within the targeted project area
  • community events to bring residents together

What are some examples of projects?

Generally, this Grant cannot be used for projects that are not in compliance with laws and regulations governing the city, county, and state.  For a breakdown of ineligible projects, view the FAQ (PDF).

Community contributions may include volunteer time, cash or material donations, and in-kind services. A Project Coordinator will be designated by the community to coordinate the project. The City awards funds based on the benefits the proposed projects generate for Auburn residents, with a maximum of $2,500 per project.

Applications are due prior to March 31st. Review of applications and awarding of Grants will take place in April. Approved projects must then be completed before the end of the calendar year. Grant applications and further details are available online at

The above information is aggregated from the City of Auburn.

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