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Check Out the New Playlists From the AE Team

The AE Team and special guest Chris Stearns brings you new playlists just in time for your Valentine’s Day weekend! Granted, not all of them are really romantically inclined, so if you’re not into sappy love songs – you really only have to skip one. We have two new playlists for you this month, too. Karen and John are adding their taste into the mix, causing an even bigger variety for you to enjoy.

Don’t forget to check out our other playlists, and follow us on Spotify – you may just catch a playlist before it’s released!

If music isn’t your thing, check out Blaine’s February movie picks – released yesterday.

Warning: some songs may contain explicit lyrics.

Elizabeth’s February 2021 Playlist:

I had a Christmas song stuck in my head for several days. It was driving me crazy so I asked my friends for some music suggestions to help rattle it out of my noggin.  These ladies and gentlemen are what the people I call friends gave me.  Some of these songs were suggested twice.

Scott’s February 2021 Playlist:

I’m not sure we’ll ever get Scott back from the 90’s. I don’t entirely blame him.

Cameron’s February 2021 Playlist:

Cameron likes to be a smart-alec when making his playlists. This month he told me to surprise him. So I am, using an inside joke. You enjoy what I will pay for later. (I have no idea what most of these songs are).

Lindsay’s February 2021 Playlist:

If you want a sappy love song playlist – this is the one for you folks. 

Solen’s February 2021 Playlist: 

This also is a perfectly acceptable sappy playlist.

Karen’s February 2021 Playlist

Karen would like to talk to you about her love for Frankie.

John’s February 2021 Playlist

Because kicking a February playlist off with the song “September” isn’t confusing…

Chris’ February 2021 Playlist

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