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Rebuilding Hidden Entity Tattoo and Piercing

On September 27, 2017 Hidden Entity Tattoo and Piercing celebrated their one year anniversary.  They had no idea that in three short months their shop would be closed due to a devastating fire.  But not being able to get into his shop has not stopped owner Travis

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Wales Continues Withdrawal

By Elizabeth Miller Councilmember Largo Wales did not lose her position as Councilmember when she lost the election for Mayor.  Since November, her presence as a Councilmember has decreased.  Wales no longer attends city events, such as the Veteran’s Day Parade or former Councilmember Rich

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Washington Sam’s Club stores closing

By Elizabeth Miller We have just been informed that Washington Sam’s Clubs will be closing.  A Sam’s Club representative confirmed these closing are a part of a larger country-wide store closing. The Auburn Sam’s Club is closed today, January 11th,  so that meetings with employees