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Beyond Auburn – April 7, 2019


Local News:

Washington’s Most Wanted: A viewer’s keen observation while scoping out Craigslist helped lead to the arrest of a violent suspect.  This is just further evidence of the power of the WMW’s audience.  Remember, even if it doesn’t happen in your city, you could be the one to provide the crucial tip that leads to an arrest, taking one more nasty criminal off the streets. CAPTURED: Seattle Police say a suspect has been arrested in brutal bus stop attack case

What’s Up NorthWest: 
 You have a bee to thank for every one in three bites of food that you eat. That includes cupcakes! This April, Cupcake Royale is teaming up with GloryBee, producers of the finest honey in the Pacific Northwest, to create a NEW Bee’s Knees cupcake, Caramelized Honey Toast ice cream, and Honey Lavender latte, to help Save the Bee. On Earth Day, proceeds from the sales of these cupcakes will go toward research, awareness, and education to save the bees through GloryBee’s cause to keep bees pollinating so that we ‘never have to imagine a world without bees.’Help Save the Bees with Cupcake Royale!

go gold gala, avery strong, avery huffman
Early Bird tickets are now on sale for the Avery Huffman Defeat DIPG Go Gold Gala!

Opening Night of SIFF Announced


Washington’s Most Wanted: ‘Where’s the meth, where’s the cash?’: Detectives, violent home invasion victims believe gunmen picked wrong house

Q13: Washington state raises smoking age to 21

Beyond the PNW:

The Advocate: Ellen DeGeneres speaks out against Brunei’s barbaric anti-gay stoning law, which went into effect on Wednesday.  Ellen DeGeneres Urges Boycott of the Sultan of Brunei’s Hotels

The Economist: A story about Veterans, PTSD and Suicide. Agony & Ecstasy (on Instagram)


High Country News: How ‘pretendians’ undermine the rights of Indigenous people

WSHU Public Radio: Suicide has now become the number one killer of police officers in the U.S. That’s according to Blue H.E.L.P., a group that is helping police departments with the problem. Suicide The Leading Cause Of Death For Police Officers, Data Show

blue help, leo suicide, law enforcement, cop life, suicide prevention
As of this article’s publication, there have been 58 Law Enforcement officer suicides in 2019. There is help. No one has to do it alone.

Lifestyle, Entertainment & Blogs:

arsTechnica: “The Linux of social media”—How LiveJournal pioneered (then lost) blogging

Advertisement Need ideas for Spring Break activities? How about a day trip! Day Trips From Seattle We know about Mt.Rainer, now our friend Kate shares what it’s like to Take a helicopter ride on a volcano tour over Mt.Rainier! New and Improved in Bellevue – Meydenbauer Bay Park! Amanda is offering a new newsletter series including a few stretches or exercises each week to try out at your desk or throughout your day!

Journalism:  Georgia GOP lawmakers want to open the door to more regulations on the press

The Society of Professional Journalists “[joins] the SPJ Georgia Chapter in denouncing HB734 — the “Ethics in Journalism Act.” The chapter states, “The bill is clearly meant to intimidate journalists and chill the important work of holding powerful people and organizations accountable for their actions.” Six months after Saudi journalist’s murder, Indiana State University hosts annual address on the state of journalism.US journalists create annual address in Jamal Khashoggi’s honour  The One Free Press Coalition has released the April 10 Most Urgent list, identifying 10 journalists around the world who are facing injustice, incarceration and other threats in connection with their work. The list will be updated on the first of every month. Read About 10 Journalists Now Facing the ‘Most Urgent’ Threats to Press Freedom Around the World


Joy Ross – how Uber/Lyft drivers should act with blind passengers

You’re Welcome.

Some studies say 1 in every 7 prisoners has Hep C.  Find out more in this deep dive from the Philip DeFranco show.


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