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State Senate Bill Would Restrict “Deep Fake” Media in Political Advertising


The Senate State Government and Elections Committee heard public testimony on Senate Bill 5817, which would restrict usage of synthetic media “deep fakes” in campaigns for elective office.


SB 5817 – 2021-22

Bill Information: Restricting the use of synthetic media in campaigns for elective office. Bill Information Page (link)
Sponsors: Frockt, Dhingra, Liias, Stanford
Status: Public hearing in the Senate Committee on State Government & Elections held January 26th.

Brief Summary of Bill

Full Senate Bill Report

  • Requires a disclosure when any manipulated audio or visual media of a candidate is used in an electioneering communication.
  • Creates a cause of action for candidates whose voices or likenesses appear in synthetic media distributed without disclosure.
  • Provides exceptions for parody and news reporting.

What Is A Deep Fake?

Deep fakes rose to prominence in 2017 on Reddit. They are in their most well known form a videos with one person’s face convincingly replaced by a computer-generated face, which most often resembles a second known individual. The “deep” in deep fake refers to “deep learning.”

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