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Share Your Poetry to Celebrate National Poetry Month

A headshot of Poet Laureate James Rodgers
James Rodgers | photo James Rodgers

Hello Poetry Lovers!  April is National Poetry Month, so it’s time to share, love, and celebrate poetry.  I do it every month, but this is the official month to do this, so let’s have some fun.

Now in its 26th year, National Poetry Month is “the largest literary celebration in the world,” according to the Academy of American Poets website. The month-long celebration is meant to remind reminds the public of the value and integral role poets and poetry play in society and culture.


Let’s Share Some Poetry for National Poetry Month! 

I’m asking everyone interested to share a poem of yours.  We will pick our favorites and create a post near the end of the month.  So, by April 20th, email your poem to me at two email addresses: and

Your poems can be free verse, a particular form, bad haiku you wrote in college, whatever you’d like to share.* Poems must, however, be your own work. Submitting a poem means you acknowledge it is your own original work and agree to have the poem shared by the Auburn Examiner.

So, what are you doing sitting there reading this when you could be submitting something.  Do it now!  No, really.  I’m serious.  Go!  Now!

Here’s one of my haikooky I wrote last week:


Will Smith may have slapped
Chris Rock, but it’s Will’s career
that will take the hit

*Editor’s note: While we’re not typically for limiting creativity, poems submitted that are excessively offensive or contain hate speech will not be published. 



  1. Mike Morrisette Mike Morrisette April 9, 2022

    For James Rogers & Elizabeth
    Tried to email – contact@auburnexaminer and – to submit a fun poem. Tried loading for over 17 minutes, but no joy.
    I would like to participate in the poetry sharing and perhaps share other news. Is there some other way I can contact either of you?
    Thanks you for your work…
    Mike Morrisette

    • auburnexaminer auburnexaminer April 10, 2022

      Hi Mike!
      So sorry you’re having issues. It looks like you may be having issues because of the email addresses you’re using (if the two you included are what you’re inputting). If that isn’t it I’m not certain what wouldn’t load for you – just tried both email addresses and they worked. Perhaps try copying and pasting these two addresses directly into your email client. If it doesn’t work please let us know! and


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