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Seattle International Comedy Competition at the Auburn Ave Theater


Last Friday the Auburn Avenue Theater hosted the second night of the Seattle International Comedy Competition (SICC).  The theater overflowed with laughter as 16 comedians performed their set, attempting to outperform each other.  If you were one of the unlucky ones who missed the show, you’re in luck!  This Friday, November 9th, the SICC returns to the Auburn Avenue Theater with 16 new comedians!

Now in its 39th year, the SICC is a month-long stand-up comedy competition held at various venues throughout Washington State. Performers compete for bragging rights and a share of the $15,000 prize pool! This year’s competition hosts comedians from Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and of course, the United States.


The Competition

The competition consists of four rounds.  The first two rounds, with five nights each, are preliminary rounds with two sets of 16 comedians.  Each night judges score the five-minute sets on a scale of 1-10 in seven categories.  Each comedian also has a chance to earn an encore point from the audience.  Who moves on to the semi-finals is determined when each performer’s five best scores are tallied.

The top five winners of each preliminary round make up the semi-final round.  Each performer in the semi-finals receives some cash, and a chance to compete in the final round.  Five nights of semi-finals give the comedians a chance to expand their performance, sets now being 10 minutes.

The comedians moving on to the finals aren’t announced until the final show.  The final round begins on November 20th. After shows in Vashon, Kirkland, Bremerton, and Seattle, the new SICC champion will be crowned on November 25th at the Comedy Underground in Seattle.

The top five from last Friday’s show were Robert Peng (1st), Harry Riley (2nd), Zahid Dewji, (3rd), K.C. Novak (4th) and Vanessa Dawn (5th). Moving on to the semi-finals from the first preliminary round are Harry J Riley (1st), Robert Peng (2nd),  Chris Mejia (3rd), Zahid Dewji (4th), and Dan Quinn (5th).


Be sure to come out tomorrow night to the fourth show of the second SICC preliminary round.  The show starts at 7:30 PM and has a brief intermission.  Tickets are $21 for adults, $18 for seniors and students.

2018 Seattle International Comedy Competition Comedians

Seattle International Comedy Competition comes to the Auburn Avenue Theater, sicc, auburn ave
Preliminary Round 1 Top-16 Comedians | Courtesy Photo, SICC

Round 1
Joshua Chambers (Olympia, Wa)
Ryan Cuddihy (Bellingham, Wa)
Vanessa Dawn (Seattle, Wa)
Zahid Dewji (Houston, Tx)
Michael Glatzmaier (Spokane, Wa)
Noor Kidwai (Toronto, On)
Chris Mejia (Seattle, Wa)
Michael Moses (Coaldale, Ab)
K.C. Novak (Vancouver, Bc)
Robert Peng (Vancouver, Bc)
Dan Quinn (Vancouver, Bc)
Harry J Riley (Spokane, Wa)
Daniel Storrow (Los Angeles, Ca)
Rachel Walls (Seattle, Wa)
Jesse Warren (Bellevue, Wa)
Claire Webber (Seattle, Wa)

Seattle International Comedy Competition comes to the Auburn Avenue Theater, SICC, auburn aveRound 2
Isak Allen (Los Angeles, Ca)
Emily Burden (Vancouver, Bc)
Isabella Charlton (London, Uk)
Elijah Cross (York, Pa)
Ross Dauk (Vancouver, Bc)
Drew Dunn (Nashua, Nh)
Al Gavi (San Diego, Ca)
Elliott G-B (Seattle, Wa)
Evelyn Jensen (Seattle, Wa)
Bo Johnson (Seattle, Wa)
Phillip Kopczynski (Spokane, Wa)
Landry (Kitchener, On)
Will Mars (London, Uk)
Isaac Novak (Seattle, Wa)
Lisa Pedace (San Diego, Ca)
Saku Yanagawa (Tokyo, Japan)


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