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Scaring Hunger in Auburn to Honor Fallen KPD Officer Diego Moreno


Officer Diego Moreno loved food. Moreno’s love of food almost matched his passion for caring for those around him. Taking a page Moreno’s book, Sandi and Randy Green launched the First Annual Diego Moreno Food Drive last year in honor of their friend and former neighbor. The monstrous food drive is back, and community members have already begun to help scare hunger with their donations.

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Buzz Lightyear drops off a donation to the Scaring Hunger Food Drive| for the Auburn Examiner

The food drive officially began October 25th, and donations have steadily been dropped off throughout the weekend. Some appear in the barrels at the end of the Greens’ long driveway. Some are carried in by costumed children, excited to see the decorated home.


Doubling the Goal from 2018
The Greens enlisted the support of local businesses to help raise awareness and greater community participation. Sponsoring the 2019 food drive is PNW Insurance Group LLC, Small Business Bookkeeping, Homes by Matt and Jamie, and Churchhill Foundation.

Moreno’s call number was 2K56. 2,506 was the goal of last year’s food drive. The community’s support helped surpass this goal, collecting 3,402 items for Auburn Food Bank. The drive raised $2,506 for Northwest Harvest. The goal for this year’s drive is to double Moreno’s call sign to 4,116 food items and $4,116 in monetary donations.

Nonperishable food items will be accepted at the Greens’ home, 6307 Stuart Place SE. Food Bins will on-site and available for donations until Halloween (Oct 31st). Cash donations also will be accepted and donated to the food bank. Jamie Penrod is matching $1,000 of the $2,500 raised online.

If you cannot make it to the Greens’ to drop off a donation, the Lakeland Starbucks has a collection bin. All donations collected will benefit the Auburn Food Bank.

Items recommended by the food bank for donation
Hygiene items (soap for the body)  soap for clothing, canned meats, boxed meals,  canned meals (i.e. ravioli),  canned vegetables, canned fruits, baby diapers in sizes 4 – 5 – 6.  It is asked that if possible, donate canned items with pop-top lids for those who may not have can openers or who are unable to use can openers.

More Than Just a Food Drive

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Cards given to “Mr. Randy” and Sandi Green by children. Ellie’s decorations are the pumpkin, ghost, and vampire. The Teal Pumpkin indicates the Greens have treats for those with special dietary needs | For the Auburn Examiner

For years the Greens have been creating a Halloween display in their yard. Their yard is beloved throughout the neighborhood. The choice of inflatables is purposeful, as so many children delight in touching them, getting close, and eyeing them with wonder. For the Greens, watching the small Halloween-lovers explore is one of the best parts of decorating.

Each year when “Mr. Randy,” as many of the neighborhood children call him, begins to decorate, their excitement cannot be contained. Some children, like Ellie and her father, have been coming to the Greens’ home yearly to enjoy their decorations. Ellie used to come every night to say goodnight to the creatures that haunt the Greens’ yard. And every morning she would tell them good morning.


This year Ellie made Mr. Randy some decorations to add to his display. Her decorations are on the porch, among cards created by Rikki Stenson’s first-grade class from Ilalko Elementary School. Sandi Green shared that Stenson’s students collected donations for the food drive.

Between the food drive and the spooktackular display comes plenty of trick-or-treaters. Last year the Greens saw just over 1300 treat-seeking kids. They miraculously didn’t run out of candy. They’re prepared this year with over 1400 treats, including some for those with allergies and sensitivities.

The success of the food drive is a testimony to the staple the Greens are in the community. Their house on the corner is a landmark that brings joy to young and old alike all year round. The Greens’ love of the community is infectious and inspires others to do good. And that good is being done in Moreno’s honor, ensuring he is never forgotten.


Once you’ve checked out the Greens’ house on Halloween, be sure to check out the Sweetings’ Haunted House across the street! 


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