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Poetry Corner with Auburn Poet Laureate James Rodgers

A headshot of Poet Laureate James Rodgers
James Rodgers | photo from James Rodgers

Hello!  I am James Rodgers, the Auburn Poet Laureate for 2021-2023, and we are in the last couple weeks of National Poetry Month, which is in April of each year.  I will be writing a semi-regular column in which I will give some insight, and hopefully inspiration, into poetry, and also highlight some of the other amazing poets in Washington as well.

Today, I wanted to just talk about poetry as a way to pay respect for someone you admire, whether they be alive or passed.  Though I had never met him, I was hit by the recent passing of poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and wanted to write a poem about my feelings in hearing of his passing.

Try this yourself.  Try writing a poem for a parent, friend, or family member.  The more details the better.  For inspiration, here’s my poem:

A poem by James Rodgers: Coney Island Has Closed Today is one of those drab wintry days even upbeat folks take a second glance at the razor, the sun sidling in, slow and low, unable to perk itself up much above the horizon, the wind hitting your skin like walking on tacks, the songbirds silent, unwilling to sing. Lawrence Ferlinghetti has passed away. While the Beat goes on, City Lights still glowing, his poems thick on so many lips, articles and pundits spouting his praises, I believe the day, the sun, the wind, the birds all truly understand the loss
Auburn Examiner

Were you inspired? Send us your poem, we’d love to read it and may just publish it! [email protected]

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